Thursday, 1 July 2010

vanity all is vanity

and chasing after the wind. ok this is my blog spot its not for the public , no use of prime search words or going to be listed anywhere. As it happens i often post on and verious readers comments eg Daily Mail.

But is just for the people who know me, who i used to forward my comments to by e-mail .Now instead of it going maybe into their junk mail each day the can read my deep and intellectually profound thoughts on important subjects such as the best and worst Robin Hood films , the wonders of the 99p emporiams and why the labour party leadership should be indicted for High Treason.

Great that England was humiliated in the World Cup. Teaches the worshippers of the pagan cult of footie that they are being ripped of by a bunch of overpaid creeps via sports tv subscription costs, crap merchandise made in Pakistan sweet shops all to support the lifestyles of people most as overpaid, overated and as talent free as Ashley Cole's ex.

The Pesident of Nigeria had the right idea he has banned their failed team for two years. Saddam Hussian's son Uddy once went one better - the Iraq team failed to preform well so he had Bastindo inflicted on them.

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go to scroll down and read Article Darlymple on soccer