Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Selective truth - Is TV channel Russia Today any more propaganda than the BBC ?

Watched this story about the sinister GM crop company Monsanto on Russia Today - you can watch the film on youtube  or download its in the public domain on . Its a factual and true story which tells how any farmer whom Monsanto gm crops drift onto his fields is then pursued for violating their crop patent. Its clear that the gm seed is not any kind of improvement - it does not result in a better product nor producing  more abundant crop yields . What it is -nothing more than an attempt to gain control of staple food crops.
A few corporations could end up with actual legal control of staple crops. Conspiracy ?well just put into google -David versus Monsanto - judge the facts for yourself .

Note Monsanto has made no public rebutal of the facts .
Monsanto -GM seeds of destruction -

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mission Impossible 5 -Thunderstrike Tehran

This ones in Russian     As always its the readers comments which are illuminating.    So who was behind the sanction?     Police to probe Double 00 Section over assassination accusations .  It says on their web site they do not do such things
the above article gives a very plausible motive for the Libyan operation -at least a motive in Western interest rather than the protect one group of bad guys against another.

This is not a joke-its true for jokes see peoples comments   

People to be taxed to pay for rich peoples travelling     go to archive article : six reasons why this rail plan is a mistake.
 Its bad enough that TV viewers are taxed so BBC staff can fly firstclass around the world . The taxpayer funded Police do the same. Now the people are to contribute to a rich peoples rail link and politicians vanity  project .Remember Concorde - sales to other Airlines zero - The people of Britain and France funding an aircraft only the super-rich could afford.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Doomsday for the Dollar $

All those We Buy Gold Shops in the high street - Who is stockpiling it - well China who at the moment is using its billions of dollars from the stuff it sells to America to buy up strategic stuff around the world. The US gets the debt, while China has traded paper - the dollars - for things which will retain value after the dollar tanks.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Women holding her young child puts tram passenger in fear of violence

tthomas there is a mouse on the tram
ena -may eubanks    Ena-May  Eubanks    Enamay  eubanks ena-may eubanks
Yes , Emma West at top was going to use her child as a weapon to attack the somewhat more powerfully built as you can see in picture - Ena-May Eubanks from Mitchum  -the CPS  magic witness . To create a second charge of putting someone in fear of violence. The CPS started the case with a lie to the court-the so called protective custody lie scam so i assumed correctly they would go on manufacturing lies to make their case - hence weeks back i posted on lots of web sites they would trace the tram passengers in order to   fabricate a false witness statement.
The CPS lawyers and their masters in this case are truly evil enemies of our England. Identify these traitors by name.

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