Friday, 30 September 2011

Gaddafi re-instated as President of Libya

Mets No1 bent cop is back and

The Joker is reinstated as mayor of Gotham City.  Ali an Iranian was once head of the Black Policeman's federation and used to play the race card to career advantage and against the two major corruption investigations into him. At the time he maintained a harem of mistress at high rent flats way beyond his then salary . More recently he advised a Russian woman how to avoid a dangerous driving charge.

EU OR US - one will fall like the USSR -

Was the Euro a mistake or is it in fact going to succeed in its true purpose of creating a full Federal government - as in what Cameron called a few weeks back a "United States Of Europe" .

Monday, 26 September 2011

Having announced that the neutral terms  BCE-Before Common Era - and CE -Common Era are to be used instead of BC and AD on dates, the BBC have revealed Christmas will be replaced by the culturally inclusive Winterfestival . Watch out for the Winterfestival Radio Times and the Queens Winterfestival Speech to the Empire in microcosm as replicated in our major cities.  see his post Sunday September 25  2011

" He who controls the past -controls the future." 1984 

Link of sorts -The movie One Million Years BCE
of course we know that Dinosaurs lived 40 million years ago - and never with people -or do we. Go to  and check  Dragons or Dinosaurs. Remember Jurassic Park had to explain how DNA from Dinos could be recovered when it would not be preserved for even thousands of years in fossils.See link below.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 -the Truth -No its not conspiracy theory rubbish

read this article by Patrick Buchanan

la Occupation
                                                                 Paris  1940
                                                                Tottenham  2011
Saluting a fallen "warrior" see link above. The Guy who torched the 150 year old store in Croydon gave the same salute when lead into court.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


                                                   lesbian lemon lush

                                                         Dalston Drive By

The Ben & Jerrys is real. To keep the British end up -the Diversity ice cream company is launching an exiting ice cream range.

PASSIONATE PINKY -BOO  champagne and strawberry flavour. 2 litre carton because size matters. Hard and firm straight from the fridge -settle down with your partner relax watching TV -a Billy Elliot re-run or Torchwood or maybe Merlin is on ,well we all know about that one. Caution packed in a factory containing Gay men may include traces of amyl nitrate.

DALSTON DRIVE BY- Jus chill out wiv u Street Ice  -First in our authentic Urban range  Yo brothers this ice cream demands respect. The authentic taste of the Caribbean featuring coconut , well pulped banana's and crushed mango's.   Caution packed in a factory a stones throw from Broadwater Farm may contain traces of cordite.

LESBIAN LEMON LUSH  -as neat as a drink from the velvet cup. Sweet with a subtle soft tang. One for ladies nights .

TRIPLE T -TOFFEE TRANSGENDER TWIST - for empathy with transgender people its made using milk from genetically modified male -female hybrid cows.

RASPBERRY SHANKS - a new addition to our Urban Range. Both a gourmet delight and a concept creation. On the top is raspberry coulis below chocolate ice cream separated by thin rice paper layer. Stab the ice cream and the red sauce runs down through the body of the ice cream.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dimensionally Challenged -But the T-Shirt should be Extra -Mega Large

This blog is sometimes guilty of thought crimes - being a bit racist, homophobic, Islamphobic but its a
1000 % fatist. Think about the logistics. A few decades back criminal gangs used to do container trucks but they moved into drugs because its small items not large amounts of gear to shift.
A serial killer is not going to target a fat person -more disposing problems
.A kidnapper for ransom is going to target a rich person- few Rich people are fat- today its the poor who are fat.
Rogue minicab driver out for rape or ethnic gang out for group rape (its actual PC term) again unless they have a large van and not a car ,why take up space with a fattie.

So who would you kidnap ?