Tuesday, 28 February 2012

British Government announces plan to attract HIV people from poor counties to visit us


Best the people behind this could do -check in for treatment at that Swiss clinic Dignitas

The Grimm Reaper service agents are being given free bus passes

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lifeguard watches man drown in public swimming pool


Under health and Safety risk assessment the lifeguard waited until the pool was evacuated then drained to a depth of no more than one foot in depth so he could wade in and effect a recovery - unfortunately by this time the man had drowned.

Emergency Services -On Stand By - that means standing by and filling in a risk assessment form.
Note : lifebelts may only be thrown by people trained for this task.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Icarus to get more money to keep flying


Who agrees with the Cynics that claim its just money being confiscated from the people to pay back the banks who became exposed to this debt.
See my june 2011 post on: euro para-military police force or -

Key question is Greece self sufficient in food? If they reverted to the Drachma -it would only have internal value until they earned hard currency but they might only need fuel imports .We are not  food self sufficient and we have a trillion or so of debt .

Monday, 20 February 2012

Fake terrorist threats as pre-text to create police state by stealth

The Terrorist threat is also being used in the United States for the same means - www.TheSun.co.uk/homepage/news/politics/41400261/Blanket-snooping-is-abuse-of-power.html

Maybe some fake or exaggerated Terrorist threat will be uncovered during the Olympics to help pass this legislation - as it will sell lots of papers will be easy for Government spinmasters to get it hyped.
Think about this the "security people"  can not even keep check of who comes into the country but they want to be able to keep tabs on peoples private electronic communications.That's requiring all UK servers to store everything for potential fishing expeditions on the Citizens. Allegedly to keep track on potential terrorists - Since the IRA ceased activity who else but Muslim groups ?  Would they not use proxy servers and overseas based sites for any of the key stuff . Does it not seem to you that this is not a project to protect the citizens but one to engage on all sorts of spying on the people of England under the usual false premise.
www.soca.gov.uk/  recently the serious organised crime agency- operation no doubt for some pay off from the music biz- closed down a music downloading site - for a day they left a message saying that anyone who had visited the site and downloaded music was open to prosecution and a jail sentence of up to ten years and they could all be traced by their IP address.

In the Sherlock Holmes story The Final Bow he created a fake German spy ring to ensnare enemy agents. Post revolution Russia's secret police created a fake anti-communist front The Trust to do the same. Maybe the security people could create a few entrapment web sites for Muslim "extremists" . Final thought in the 1950s the security services seemed to have employed quite a few communists. Do they have a non-discrimination policy and recruit Muslims to GCHQ and M15 -when any one of them could turn and become a double agent.

Off topic- Just how broke is Greece really ?  See this short article www.rt.com/community/blogs/debunking-myths-starting-own/greek-austerity-ideology-economy/

pro-Boxers arrested for fighting each other?

Saturday, 18 February 2012


this will celebrate diversity = dates 27 July -12 August

this will help sell tack made in Asia  .  Main date 3-5 June
Towie Girls to enter Big Brother House  -Essex is code word for no ethnics in show. Dates to be confirmed
Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iran's Nuke project  -date to be confirmedwww.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/Iran/9089995/Iran-risks-nuclear-Cold-War.html

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Can this man save England


It was Scottish gays - Blair, Gordon Brown & Alister Campbell who set about using mass -immigration from  Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe in order to Balkanise England. The 9.3 million ethnics -almost same size as population of Sweden. The 9.3 million  the figure on the Guardian web site are not spread evenly across the United Kingdom from John Groat's to Lands End but concentrated on major cities of England.
The head of the SNP is also a closet gay but he may be the best hope for England . Thought he might like the Highland view as pictured above.

End the Union and their exists a chance that the English tribe will have a new rebirth of identity .

See http://www.englandcalling.wordpress.com/  read : The Claustrophobia of Diversity - post

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wizard Of Oz - solves American economic decline


The Cowardly Lion got a medal, the Dumb Scarecrow a diploma , the Tin Man a heart timer and Uncle Sam Economic Growth statistics. See link above.