Sunday, 24 July 2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Drug dealer mourns loss best client

Back To Dead           Based on the vast sales of past recordings on the demise of Presley, Lennon, Jackson and Amys preforming decline this seems to have being a good career move.

                                            One down  One to go

                                                 AMY'S FINAL PUBLIC APPEARANCE

Should we have a drink or two or three in her memory - three bottles each of finest Russian Vodka .
The rule seems to be if you are rich and famous and can afford to induldge 1000s a week on drugs then you are battling with addictions.

see Taki Mag link  ARTICLE we just lost another junkie

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dont Say Nothing -well not if the BBC news can hide it          also Stateside Urban Jungle

Who has really done the most harm to our country -The practices of the Murdoch Press or by a much greater magnitude the BBC ?
Pictured -our friendly neighbourhood Don't Say Nothing Gang - unconnected but in last two weeks Croydon has had one fatal shooting Innocent Black guy, gangsta rapper was the intended target  and one brick by Afghan as weapon murder of Innocent Indian.
See previous posting  Dangerous Migrants Act - couple days back one of the DSN shot a Croydon Police Officer , on routine patrol, shattering his elbow.

The link gives a guide to all the London Gangs. Now here is a scary survivalist thought -the global economy may be heading for an unstoppable financial Apocalypse -see previous posting. That's when our bank cash machines are switched off, social welfare money stops , jobs vanish . Runs on banks to supermarkets running out of supplies. In this survivalist crises those with guns will be better placed then the average sheeple.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Go to above link see 18 August story -Economic Goverment would intergrate Europe to a degree not seen since the Roman Empire

I think many posters on newspaper web sites are engaging in wishfull thinking -the peripheral euro zone debt crisis will not mean the demise of the Euro . As the free business paper City AM  19/07   has it -"Markets see fiscal union as the solution." In other words Sovereign debt will erode remaining sovereignty.As the EU will move towards a Federal Bank and Federal tax collection.
Who imagined in the 1970 s the fall of the Soviet Empire and countries such as Poland becoming EU members . Watch for Turkey(The Eastern Roman Empire) to be integrated by stealth into the EU.  Wonder if a soon independent Scotland will leave as, unlike Ireland,  it was not part of the original Roman Empire?

Refer back to a previous post -Paramilitary police force.

Chantelle emotionally devasted to discover she may not be able to sell baby stories to OK !

Russian Babes to strip for Putin -Labour promises immortality on the NHS

The first headline is true -see link to Telegraph story as always the readers comments are best lots of interesting stuff about Russia today. Compere Russian News free channel on Sky with BBC 9 o'clock News -the filtered spin of liberal gays at the BBC newsroom . Which is more truthful ?

Maybe Labour could have  Muslim women remove Vail for Millband or transgender people strip for labour.

Labour think some voters are as stupid as those in holding pen for guests on the Jeramy Kyle Show.The party that used mass immigration to destroy Engalnd .

Friday, 15 July 2011


Above is Captain Diversity -the Final American -sort of African/Asian/Mexican American composite , defender of Shira Law and Gay History month - GH just introduced in California schools.Way Below is the gay character introduced into Riverdale High,  All American Archie comics. Way above is Batmans French agent - A Muslim . In France where city sections have become no-go for Frenchmen.

Who can forget Batman And Robin -a film with such gay elements that its even covered on its Wikpedia listing. Not counting its capped crusader George Cloony who tells us more often then Simon Cowell that is he not flamboyant.

                                                     On set picture -Captain Diversity 

Monday, 11 July 2011

Carry On Hacking


                                                             Cressida Dick
pictured is  Yates and Dick of the Yard. Diversity Dick  )was in charge of Stockwell death squad and now heads up the phone hacker hunt.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lady McBeth shocked on hearing what had happened.

What would be really interesting is what the Murdoch organisation had on Blair /Brown and how they used it to aid News Corps  commercial interests . His papers covered up story about Blairs daughter suicide attempt. 
After the Welsh secretery Ron Davis was relieved off his mobile phone by black rent boys( he was preforming sex acts on ), the phone ended up at which paper?. After Mathew Paris MP outed Mandelson on Newsnight The Sun run headline "Are We Being Run  By A Gay Mafia?"

Blair and Brown -maybe News Corp either had something on their private lives or wanted them to think they did.

Re readers comment on Telegraph web  -A private Detective agency who did work for NoW where suspected of murder . NoW put the Police officer investigating this murder case under Private Eye survalliance to pass information onto the murder suspects -who had something big on A VIP , see outline in this link Daily Mail 
This is Johnathan Rees -murder suspect -connected to corrupt Police Officers -The News Of The World and linked to a suspect in 30 murders.A Member of the Masons he was cleared of murder this March due to CPS convenient screw up. In 2000 he was imprisoned for trying to frame an innocent women on drugs charges for a client. On release he was re-engaged by the News Of The World.