Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dont Say Nothing -well not if the BBC news can hide it          also Stateside Urban Jungle

Who has really done the most harm to our country -The practices of the Murdoch Press or by a much greater magnitude the BBC ?
Pictured -our friendly neighbourhood Don't Say Nothing Gang - unconnected but in last two weeks Croydon has had one fatal shooting Innocent Black guy, gangsta rapper was the intended target  and one brick by Afghan as weapon murder of Innocent Indian.
See previous posting  Dangerous Migrants Act - couple days back one of the DSN shot a Croydon Police Officer , on routine patrol, shattering his elbow.

The link gives a guide to all the London Gangs. Now here is a scary survivalist thought -the global economy may be heading for an unstoppable financial Apocalypse -see previous posting. That's when our bank cash machines are switched off, social welfare money stops , jobs vanish . Runs on banks to supermarkets running out of supplies. In this survivalist crises those with guns will be better placed then the average sheeple.

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