Thursday, 20 January 2011


Also read great clear article on Britain/America and the maybe future

The Independent has a list of 26 things with picture, that make Britain great check it out - note its OK for this left wing pro-mass immigration paper to mock the underclass as it calls them . The original list : Alcopops/ Alotments / Apologising/
The Archers/ Bandstands / Gagoules -macs / Readers Wives/ Caravaning /
Corner Shop/ Crumpets / Dining At Roadside / Dogging -sex / Flasks /
Gnomes/ Jumble Sales / Morris Dancing /Net Curtains / Pasties / Pigeons /
Rude Vegetables / Shipping Forcasts/ Sovereign Rings / Tunnocks -cakes / Wimpy /
Yellow Lines/

As with others the Independent some how evades the fact that mass immigration is changing the nation so that soon their will be nothing that is typically British in the way that only a few decades ago England was England and thought itself not the same as Neighbours in Europe google up Orwells The lion And The Unicorn . From nation to crowd .

Here are a few brief additions with appropriate photo image suggestions :

1 Very large Staff type dogs who are crossbreeds with Rotweilers /Pitballs ect aka Dog weapons, it was long an idea that a persons dog choice reflected them in some way. The proliferation of these dogs is itself a reflection of part of the nation .

The positive thing tough dog shit laws mean even with bigger dogs less dog shit then in recent past in public parks.

2 Burqa clad women with lots of kids spending benefit money in Lidels /Sommerfield

3 99p and Poundland -the UK has more of these what in the US they call thrift stores than any where else in Europe. Looking around at all the Betfreds, William Hills ect whats the uk ratio of betting shops to people against EU average? also all those cash before payday loan shops. Does the UK have more then anywhere else in EU?

4 Frijj Milk Shakes these generally come in a choice of three colours -red. yellow and brown .Sometimes the brown one mutates into a seasonal flavour eg caramel or choc cookie .As the uk has Europe's highest teen pregnancy rate why don't they launch a Frijj condom flavoured range

5 Helplines -often at the end of TV Soaps dealing with sensitive issues in EastEnders with infant cot deaths and distressing scenes of English people in Londons EastEnd "for anyone affected by this emotional crap " . Maybe their are helplines for people addicted to call helplines or premimum rate numbers.

6 Football is coming home- a delusianal sentiment every time their is a major international football event. why are the proles upset by bankers bonuses yet crap footballers are put on a pedastal .

7 CCTV - the UK has more of these than anywhere else in the world , some claim its over 20% of all the survalliance cameras worldwide. Yes Big Brother really is watching You.

8 Cones on motorways and major roads often months in advance of any actual roadworks . Do they have a sinister perpose or is it to create the illusion of activity in the way that PCSO create the illusion of more bobbies on the beat.

9 Buy To Let Ultra Compact houses - most of these battery houses the maximumn which could be squuezed into any avaliable area where built when the housing market was moving and estate agents where driving BMWs and Mercs.

10 Question Time - a TV parody of a simpletoons democracy -sort of like The Prisoner Episode Free For All in which the village could vote for the next number2 but change nothing. The audiance of Question Time is pre screened and selected for general conformity to shared values. Remember when the show staged a Soviet style show trial of BNP leader Nick Griffen.

Think should only be one TV show in list otherwise would have included The Jeremy Kyle Show.

11 Nike Hat -the dress code of the typical English man - Yo man designed in the US made for about 50 cents in Asia for a 50 cents wannabe in England>

12 An instant scratch card - focus of the dreams and aspirations of so many. How often have you been in a shop in a socially deprived/depraved area and seen those fleeting moments of hope and desperation given way to abject despair.

13 large crowd of people in "typically English " queue . Might be outside Lunar House Croydon the London immigration office or people in a rural North Of England town when a couple of OK jobs -say at a local airport -are above the national minimum wage.

14 Pleasant grass spot suburban roadside verge with pile of litter , mainly fast food junk -happy meals/ KFC ect , discarded drink cans , depending on location the odd syringe.

15 Call Girl Cards in phone boxes - the trades description and advertising standards not being applicable. Recent history before the design of now less used at all public pay phones they where often used as make do public toilet's.

16 Mega Music Gathering -but which most represents Britain ?
Last Night Of The Proms/The Notting Hill Carnival/ Glastonbury /X-factor Finale

17 The National Trust -Makes available and upkeeps Rich land owners houses for the middle class middle aged to visit. Note how its website lists tearooms not coffee shop.

18 Prince Charles -one day Defender of faiths-the nation dreads the day of the kings speech. Thinking its going to be a really appalling reign. Gives new meaning to Good Save The Queen .

 above stock shots of Kyle which are edited into the tape after recording -woman who man hopes is not his daughter -other guests on the show.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Went The Day Well?

no we know they answer to that rhetorical 1942 movie title about a secret invasion of England. But for NuLabour and Billy Bragg and his kind -yes the day did go well. They have got the England which is not England which is what they wanted all along. When an article on they way England had been changed was on a US website some posters compered it to the Avengers episode Town Of No Return in which invaders took over a small town then another and so on.

Note -large poster in African food shop in Croydon ad says -Working Illegally Overstayed For Years - Then goes onto give information about contacting barrister Meena Bharmra Tel 078080600192 to get it sorted.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


It was clear back in 2008 that they had only stabilised the situation -so maybe the real super rich could have time to move their assets. I E-mailed then the real event will be the unravelling pf the US Bond market and thereby the US economy. An analogy;

In a TV drama Shadowlands -later made into a film - CS Lewis imagines his wife's cancer is in miraculous remission . Not so said the consultant "its like a train , its only heading in one direction but every so often it slows down and stops for a while at a station."

Sorry not all links work as some sites want you to e-mail the article to others -so link only takes you to main site and you have to look for article. this is -the great debt bubble of 2011 by Johan Norberg =asking if goverments averted financial disaster or paved the way for one....

A globel financial house of cards -?

Is the next pope after this one going to call himself Peter -check this one out.

Check out this