Friday, 14 January 2011

Went The Day Well?

no we know they answer to that rhetorical 1942 movie title about a secret invasion of England. But for NuLabour and Billy Bragg and his kind -yes the day did go well. They have got the England which is not England which is what they wanted all along. When an article on they way England had been changed was on a US website some posters compered it to the Avengers episode Town Of No Return in which invaders took over a small town then another and so on.

Note -large poster in African food shop in Croydon ad says -Working Illegally Overstayed For Years - Then goes onto give information about contacting barrister Meena Bharmra Tel 078080600192 to get it sorted.

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Anonymous said...

According to the Telegraph -one baby in every four born in the UK is by to a mother who herself was born outside of the UK. The mejority having come from outside the EU.