Sunday, 28 August 2011

Road To Tripoli =Playstation 3- X-Box

This has cost the UK a great deal of borrowed money - the cost of say a new tube line or much needed nuclear power plant. The cover story being that it was about protecting the rebels -a motley crew of cutthroat's and Islamists. Reality check what matters is will the UK gain economic advantage out of this Libyan operation?
As always see link its not the original article but the various readers comments which are informative. 

Friday, 26 August 2011

police to spend two years hunting down massive overtime pay

See my December post Biggest Corporate Fraud In British History -who knows just how much was looted sorry "lost by mistakes" at RSB.   If they had picked up a pack of polo mints from an already looted store a child molester would have been let out of jail to make space for them.

"The prime purpose is not the detection but the prevention of crime " Robert Peel
The Police have said the hunt for the rioters and looters will go on for two years as they go through thousands of hours of CCTV footage. The UK has 20% of all the CCTV cameras in the entire world. If you ever become the murder victim in a Crimewatch reconstuction : "this was the last picture of."

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


 conspiracy theory did the Rosswell Space Aliens Assassinate Princes Diana? LINK 

The ride of your life or just taken for a ride?

update 29/08  the above page has been removed -since people posted demanding prosecution of VH and the web site .
interesting reader comment on the story in the Mirror-above link she responds to my comment -site run for the devious lady by her conned friends.

Also it turns out that John Hemming MP who used parliamentary privilege to revel the original version of events -so that we could read it on the web -had a grudge against child protection agencies as one of his ex-mistress had once been investigated over a stillbirth.

There was a real conspiracy in this case , not to cover up a wrong done to Vicky Haigh and her daughter but to deceive people into thinking a wrong had been done. Sort of like the famous innocent man James Hannraty , from Bromley ,was wrongly hanged by British Justice. For a murder that another original suspect later claimed while filmed in France to have committed. A Channel 4 docu revealed this guy had been paid , what was to him a lot of money , to make a fake confession by two rich men with a private grudge against the British legal system /

 Two week trial -he gave proven false alibi -they did not hang around in those days .

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Well its not an airshow attended by thousands, or Formula One or Glastonbury its a Carnival so it needs 5000 police a day- thats the correct  figure but may have made mistake with pictures used.
CORRECTION  -its 10,000 in total police being deployed .

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Destruction of England is every day

The riots do not threaten the very fabric of our nation -it is the plane loads of migrants  from everywhere arriving at our airports every day . Turning us , one of the most densely populated countries number of people per square mile, from a nation into a very large crowd. None of those who hold power will do anything to stop it as all they care about is themselves.

 see above link -Cameron said he would reduce net immigration -which he has no intention of doing . On company accounts are gross profits that is prior to costs and nett profits. The figure is more than 500,000 people come into the UK a year deduct 250,000 who leave and we are adding 1million people every four years. The great liberal death wish extends to concreting over the English countryside-the very spirit of England.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Ethnic Shoping Guide - hot spots to find vital supplies Nike, Blackberry, Plasmas

Maybe we could have a TV reality series Britons Got Riots . What i can not understand is why they did not hold the riots in Knightsbridge where better gear for sale on R-Bay  (Riot Bay) could be requisitioned or are the top shops too well protected?

DISINFORMATION TIME the BBC are calling them English Riots as none took place in Scotland or Wales. Everything will be done in the Media and court sentencing to play down the specific instigation of and prime role of specific ethnic groups. One white student Nicholas Robinson no previous  in London got six months for taking £3 of water from all ready looted Lidel store. At least 70% of rioters in London riots where black ,mainly of Jamaican origin you can be sure that this will not be reflected in those convicted or the sentencing based on the relative seriousness of their respective actions. The courts are of course rigged like X Factor or WWE wrestling to produce a racial balance in outcome.
 I Looted this picture  from some other guys blog see

UFO s = 400 Sightings reported to the MOD -the big question then is ....

Are these Aliens from another planet and can they lend money to save the worlds financial system ?

The only other alternative is for Doctor Who to go back to the 19th Centuary invest in all the sure fire investments and return to 2011 to draw out all the money and save the important part of the banking system so that the Banksters can go on taking out their bonuses before it all collapses. When they had a financial collapse in Argentina a few years back the elite secretly arranged for their money to be turned into dollars and shipped it out over the weekend in armoured trucks. Then the banks collapsed and the goverment took over only allowing the common people to draw out small amounts of their own money a year.

Cool comment someone -not me- posted on Telegraph comments on the Tottenham Riots
" The ethnic gangs progressed from mugging people to mugging shops.  The gangs of investment bankers have progressed from mugging people to mugging countries."

Friday, 5 August 2011

$$$ the meltdown -hot stuff
The link takes you to article on how the US Federal Reserve -private bank that controls the $ -since 2007 secretly "lent" 16 trillion to banks around the world.  Hot stuff so pic above ice cream van melts in summer heat and hottie.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Caution Viewer Discretion Advised

Now she is less Ugly according to the reading on the Gorgon meter . Watch out for the Workout and Dance Exercise with Venessa DVD . Living off the fat of the land-link to another link -someone posted this in response comment i left on telegraph readers comments.  1% of Americans now own 30% of all its private