Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Straw Man -Scarecrow

In Daily Mail Sinister Straw Man -Jack Straw claims prison works. Under the thousands of new laws introduced by the criminal party the jail population has almost doubled. Doctor Johnson once said that proto -communist Rousseau was more dangerous than any felon in Newgate. Straw was a key player in the Labour conspiracy to use mass immigration from everywhere in order to deconstruct the kingdom. He is -or was -one of the most dangerous men in England.

from russia with lust

WO -that Russian Agent Anna Chapman is some babe. Wonder if the story of Russian Spy ring in US would have got all the front page UK press coverage if their had not been lots of sultry poses for the papers to print from her facebook page and run lines like "femme fatal " "bond girl" , "reds under the bed" and "Mata Hari".

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Some months back the Spectator had set up a public debate at some venue = three people -Peter Hitchins,Kelvin Mackenzie and Simon Heffer proposed that David Cameron was going to be a Ted Heath not a Margret Thatcher type. That book a few years back Fantasy Island said that the Conservatives had just elected a Blair clone.

Maybe - but i like what i see . He Osborn and the others such as the very clever William Hague all seem to be planing decisive action to save our country from economic and demographic destruction.

When Cameron made tho long due apology for Bloody Sunday -his opening words would have never been used by Nulabour , " i love my country". Before going on to express regret for what had happend decades ago.

If Labour had engaged in a nuclear war with say Pakistan and we had lost the could have only done a degree more harm to our country. In a just world the Scotish sodomits Tony and Gordon and the others Alan Johnson and the sinister Straw man would be imprisoned in the tower awaiting trial for high treason. Blair was part greedy conman who committed our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan because he correctly calculated that he would be financialy rewarded by the Americans.

What motivated most of the Labour elite- i think the same thing which motivated the Cambridge spies of the 1950s. All our leading playrights asked what attracted them to communism. George Orwell had the right answer - what motivates English left wing intellectuals is actualy hatred of their own country. England how do i hate you let me count the ways. Ken Livingstone is a good example -he did not once go on Dutch tv to back the IRA because of Irish voters in Kilburn or today side with some Islamic Nutter for votes - its just that he sees them as the enemy of his enemy England.If Mr Wells Martians real did land at Woking Ken would be backing them as the carried out their plans against us.