Tuesday, 16 October 2012


SOMALIA PIRATE ADVENTURE GOLF- Bournemouth  visitor attraction.  www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-19093374

At least the Somali Pirates have provided good baddie material for TV Action shows - such as Chris Ryan Vengeance & Covert Affairs. The Adventure golf course has free admission but every so often visitors are relieved of treasures at cutlass point. Yo Ho Ho!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Albert Speer did not Know - Neither did Esther Rantzen



Speer was in charge of the Third Reich's armament production - at Nuremberg trial he said he did not know about slave labour - that is not minimum wage jobs -minimum ration jobs. People worked to death more died digging the V1/V2 rocket sites than where killed by the rockets.. Speer went on over the years to say his guilt/ fault was that he should have found out what was being done.

Esther -the only person at BBC entertainment who did not hear the rumours at the time. My sisters friend once lived next to Saint Esther and husband Desmond when they had BBC cars making daily delivers of luxury stuff. The scheming actress shock horror act on TV on hearing the dark truth about Jim was parody at its best. Esther founder of Childline - the career boosting charity - that malicious kids used to make denunciations of often innocent teachers -who became a nice soft target for police investigations. Thats Life

Groping all hands Jim- ready to touch up some 14 year olds melons. Its been reported that his relatives have removed his headstone while the case is investigated. Prediction he is going to become a British Broadcasting Corporation none person - Soviet style. As with the Black And White Minstrel Show , Gary Glitter, Johnathan King images , film clips while cease to appear in programmes on BBC   history or pop history .

The Press have now felt free to publish all sorts of Savile stuff - about 50% of which is made up eg People claiming he said he had friends in IRA who would fix anyone who crossed him , slime ball gay DJ claiming on  BBC radio Savile did hospital work because he was also a necrophiliac. British Pedeo conspiracy stuff -thats been around for decades -some true ,some made up compilation here  www.aangirfan.blogspot.com

Savile Row -to get name change.

UPDATE - The BBC , who advise contract staff how to avoid tax by paying themselves through companies where ruthless in pursuing TV licence evaders . About a decade back i remember the BBC put up big posters saying - using real individuals names and street- had been fined for not having TV licence. Someone with a grudge put up printed stickers on tube train posters listing genuine BBC employee's convicted of sex offences. The BBC stopped their own intimidating poster campaign.

This from Metro :A BBC radio presenter made an on air apology after reading out a txt about Jimmy Savile sent in by a listener. He did not realise it was a spoof. The text said " I wish everyone would stop criticising Jimmy Savile. He was a nice man.When I was eight he fixed it for me to milk a cow blind-folded."