Sunday, 23 October 2011

Watch -the Euro project has not gone wrong -its going to plan

when David Cameroon talks about the EU in his speeches he calls it The United States Of Europe . That probably will not be its name but he is calling it what it was intended to be from the beginning.

Even Switzerland's centuries of neutrality is being eroded by  global economic events

Saturday, 22 October 2011

internet pornography stops men preforming with real women

 The hottie =One in Ross /Brand phone PR stunt is now in a relationship with the other hottie pictured at top
real women you might find in Iceland -the

Friday, 21 October 2011

World Script writters devise ignoble demise for pantomime villian

Maybe they can devise an appropriate demise for him and Blair who did so much to destroy our country. How about dispatched by an incendiary device in a public toilet frequented by cottagers.

and this one which asks the right question

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Government wants elderly to give up homes to house immigrants

the heading is true see link to daily mail article below

Based on detailed reports in the Daily Telegraph property developers who want to build on the greenbelt have donated millions to the Conservative party. Remember mass immigration -250,000 people leave uk each year but 500,000 come in increases the population by 1 million every four years. It seems as good an idea as the Bank Of England's quantity easing aka printing more money for the government. In the play Faust the Devil tricked an Emperor into printing money to solve short term his finances. What millions of immigrants add is demand for housing and increase our food and energy imports,

three people donate their corpses for C4 Frankenstein Monster

Following the successful Mummification of a terminally ill man -screens 24 October , Channel Four plan to recreate the experiment of early 19th Century Scientist Victor Frankenstein . Three members of  the public donating their bodies for the documentary

Sunday, 16 October 2011

This was England - one law for us -one for the colonisers

the article has already made the connection with Slumdog millionaire .

1     If this was a majority English town with a council made up of the same would these people have been able to do this -evade planing regulations and so on

2   will any of these landlords by investigated subject to tax

3   This will not be covered by the BBC

4   in the recent London riots in order to achieve racial balance have the police arrested and the court imprisoned an equal number of white people despite the true racial percentage of the rioters.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Downton Abby - Spiffing Storyline

Warning Spoiler ahead - Downton Abby -the Footballers Wives indulgent fantasy of luxury living projected back into a more elegant age, for some. Already had a story sensation when a diplomat expired after passion in delectable Lady Marys bed. Pictured above is a scene from another sensational episode. To boast  moral Lady Sybil Crawley has set  up the Madamoisell From Armentieres Strippergram Agency . As its 1916 they only get down to scanties . Then its kick off for the big push on the Somme .By mistake a few days latter the strippergram agency gets the job of delivering lots of war office telegrams.

If only someone could create stuff in photoshop i would not be restricted to available pictures -see this one i dug up from                                                                                                                                        

Sunday, 9 October 2011

pagan nature worshipers plan ritual sacrifice of peoples jobs and lives

This is what American Danial Staggers posted on Telegraph ." The US liberals worship anything that is not God. As a result they worship the earth and trees. You can't run a business because something they worship is at risk.This forces production out of the country. Eventually the US will have no production and the people no work. So we will have to borrow from the people who do."

all people are equal and subject to equal satire except some are more equal and PC protected

 The magazine of the British liberal establishment - no mention of ethnic dimension in its riotous issue. Nothing that upsets gays such as asking why liam Fox was trying to help the Indian gay to avoid extradition to South Africa for not arranged marriage but arranged murder. Fearless  Private Eye No questioning of the global warming scam -as Editor Ian Hislop wants his fat fees from the BBC . Anyone who does becomes persona non Grata at the BBC.

The Establishment Private Eye Editorial team

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Marvels She Hulk has a UK counterpart - gross is the word

Or is it Grease is the word .Jodie Marsh was a downmarket version of Katie Price aka Jordan . Jodie has tattoos in interesting places one no doubt reads "abandon hope all you who enter here." 
32 year old Jodie claims she is now getting lots of men wanting to date her. These will be stories not in Celebrity titles OK , Closer, Now, Heat  ect but titles below.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

we need some slogans to boast national moral


Cameron says we can save the economy aka Bankers Bonuses by paying off all our debts.