Wednesday, 27 June 2012


THIS IS THE FAMOUS GREEK CYCLE -in democracy to get elected the politicians have to make economically unsustainable economic policies .

Go to this link  Read the comment by Peter Mullins -its a very clear explanation of how the debt was created and who profited from it.

Note Goldman Sachs aided the Greeks ,via concealed figures into the , euro membership. They also advised  Trojans to buy a wooden horse  on the futures market and King Midas to invest in gold trading.
Add the backed Al Gore Global Warming lie-scam movie An Inconvenient Truth in the hope of profiting from so called Carbon trading .

Saturday, 16 June 2012

In order to ingratiate herself with lower orders Queen awards honors to celebrities

                                                         Kerry Katona MBE
                                                      LEA LEA  OBE
                                                            Sir Russel Brand

                                                        Gary Barlow  OBE Take That Queen To Queen
                                                Jenny Thompson MBE for services to Footballers
                                                e.g Rooney  , Balotelli

                                                        Jeremy Kyle OBE  for helping to rise awareness
                                                       of the mentally challenged

                                       April Ashley for helping to rise awareness of
                                          Transgendered people -see link below

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Royal Pageant Of Boats - Symbol of Britain

The Buoyant Economy

Migrant Hordes in the flotilla

    Ship from the Islamic Republic Of Bradford

Fantastic Climax of the Royal River Pageant