Monday, 30 April 2012

Research finds that warm summer causes increase in climate change claims

 We have no national water grid - the canals could have been utilized - .Remember when someone flushes their toilet it goes to the sewerage farm -the solids are separated then its chemically treated to come back to you as drinking water. Of course if you where told it was highland spring water it would sub-consciously taste better.


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Demi-God Of Football - Fans Pay tribute

long time ago saw some Asian guy on TV say that in some African countries the people do not care that the roads are full of pot-holes. things do not work the President and his pals loot the treasury., They dont blame the President they see him driven round with a fleet of mercades and a collection of hot women and the think -wish that was me. Don't know how true but today Football fans are ripped off by the premier league and they hapilly pay premiumns to sky sports. Given of their income to support the lifestyle of their idols.

Donate today buy buying all the overpriced stuff -made in Asian sweetshops you help provide a lifestyle of expensive homes, cars and women you will never have. Makes perfect  sense .

Saturday, 14 April 2012


 Gordon has come out of the closet /engine shed as a reverse shunter. Get over it. In pursuit of the pink pound why has not someone set up a gay /lesbian dedicated airline -for passengers not flight stewards- it could tie in with Club Pink 18-50  with gay hotels and so on .

Cherub Airlines -  up ,up and away -get over it .

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Government to bring free speech under state regulation

liam stacey lead away by Butch women from Serico-the private prison transit company.  search this article :liam staceys drunken racist tweets  by William Oddie which puts fact that many of his racist comments where in response to extreme abuse to him and his family .
This is GCHQ Cheltenhem which will monitor the web sites you visit and if its auto-flagged up will scan your e-mails and other communications for key words. This is to protect the Liberal Totalitarian state from subversive elements. EG say Black Christian Church objects to the promotion of gay marriage to young

Great comment by reader on Telegraph web site "David Ike almost got it right, but not quite. The UK is run by reptiles but in human form. They are not some giant lizards they are the slithering snakes known as Camerons Conservatives , Gleggs Liberals (ha! ha!) and Millbands Labour."

like this reader comment see link  "Divide And Conquer, while our soldiers are dying in the middle east the  the real enemy take us down from within."

READ THIS -MORE ON THE COMING POLICE STATE - just think of the evil people and the protective custody lie scam and Emma West.

In the 1980s GCHQ was suspected of being infiltrated by communist agents - one Geoffrey Prime was jailed. Maybe other Communist sympathisers remain. This seems to be suitable motto for GCHQ and the Liberal Totalitarian state we live under :  "It is true that liberty is precious, so precious that it must be carefully rationed."  Vladimir Lenin .