Thursday, 30 December 2010

fantastic web site plus From Russia With Loot

One of my faves is the which is best on the web for searching info on movies -as much of its written by the public. Turns out it was originally created by a guy in Bristol. see

From Russia With Loot- if Russian so called Oligarchs -high percentage Jews -100% mega thieves keep their loot in London , then its to the UK gain. Can't see why anyone cares about a crook like Khororkovsky -whats it to do with us if he got a fair trial . None of those Oligarch made money in the way IKEA or Microsoft made money by making things . When the USSR disintegrated the former state employees where given shares in state companies but had problems getting their wages-probably intentionally as the managers where being bribed. Then these Oligarch raised money via their bank contacts -often in London so why complain -and bought up the shares from the impoverished workers in the various energy and extraction companies.

Those who did not go to Israel moved to London where they keep their loot -running a few football clubs ie Chelsea and Arsenal .

update to previous post

The Coalition which claimed to be placing a cap on immigration has just decided that Albanians will no longer need visas for the UK. What has this majority Muslim state got for the UK. Others such as Greece know what they are dealing with.

ethnic stereotyping or fact? -Albania is well known for inbreeding . Sexual trafficking and controlling the so called sex slave industry . Plus committing vastly disproportionate murders and rapes in relation to their numbers in the UK.

Greek writer Taki on Cherie Blair "so ugly they would not even employ her in an Albanian bordello."


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

there will always be an England

this is a Telegraph leader . A few years back when the traitor party was pushing its religious hatred law -opposed by the Christian TV channels , black Christian Churches ect -the Telegraph run article headed -People should be free to call Muhammad a paedophile if they want.

The Muslim population of our England increased by at least 74% under the years of the last Labour governments -intentional mass immigration project.

Read the readers comments - Lots of interesting stuff - eg Much of the meat in our institutions ,supermarkets and take aways is in fact Halal. This is mainly economic eg New Zealand exports so much to the Middle East that more or less all meat from there is Halal.

Muslim gangs around the country groom ,specifically white girls. Mentioned in postings

Muslim inbreeding accounts for a third of UK birth defects -their was actually a recent TV programme about this.

As mentioned in the Times -official figure-50% of all adult male Muslims are unemployed.
What about the attendant costs housing their often larger families?

As the former Prime Minister Of Singapore said -Unlike other migrants the second or third generation of Muslim migrants are not more integrated then their parents but more assertively hostile .

Belmarsh Privately run Maximum Security Prison is majority Muslim. When imprisoned evil doers convert to Christianity the usually become better people . But when they convert to Islam they just have purpose to their evil doing. Case in point guy from Bromley , Reed who used to mug old ladies converted and then made inept attempt to blow up airliner with shoe bomb.

Can you think of any good reason why it is advantagous to England to go on admitting lots more Muslims?

Dp you think a lot less might be a good idea to start out with ?

Saturday, 25 December 2010

man in a suitcase

title of classic 1960 s spy series

christmas party plans canceled

When Police officers at the crime scene saw his body two of them where sick. It was no 'normal'stabbing -there was a blade in his head, his guts where literaly hanging out and there was a large pool of blood. Three assaliants but so far none have been found.

One of the local drug dealers had his Christmas party plans ruined. Three hoodies called late one evening sprayed CS gas on the two women in the house -his pregnent girlfriend and her ten year old sister, then hacked him down with Axes. As he owned a Mercedes it seems that his trade must have paid for it as he did not do anything, being unemployed , to make that sort of money.

Some think it was in revenge for an attractive girl who died -using stuff -at one of his parties as friends had vowed revenge. Only one theory. Looking at his facebook page-Daniel McGintey -he seemed to have some male and female friends that you might meet on one of the lower circles.

Readers comments on and Croydon edition are worth reading as some approve his demise also see comments on American sites
search Daniel McGintey drugdealer these sites

however if you see a gap in the market check for useful tips

postscript -the last two to hang in the uk where executed for going round to a mans home and stabbing him over a small sum of money. McGinteys murder's believed in the death penalty as do most of the murders in our prisons only they do not believe the crown should resort to it.

Friday, 24 December 2010

marsupial superstar

one of the Christmas TV highlights has to be the documentary on classic complete crap Australian TV series Skippy The Bush Kangaroo .BBC4 on 27-12-2010/

Interview cast members -but not the deceased roo and its stunt doubles. When i went to the Roo enclosures in Melbourne zoo they had all kinds of kangaroos including ones which slept on low hanging tree branches. Honest . They all seemed as thick as sheep.

I think that super intelligent Skippy must have been a mutation , before DNA came to the for most comic book superheroes and movie mutant monsters came about via radiation. Remember in the 1950s the Brits tested HBomb radiation exposure on National Servicemen and Abbos. Their where several resulting mutations such as Rolf Harris who had an extra leg where his didgeridoo should have been.

PS see previous posting -the Bees seem to have been right.

Cold Winter -its melting ice and the gulf stream slowing down due to global warming . of course it would be down to man made global warming if we had mild winter -evidence it was getting warmer. That's ignoring Sir William Herschel who in the early 19th century identified planetary temperatures with solar activity. People often post correctly that the same effects , receding and expanding caps , occur simultaneously on Mars.

Friday, 10 December 2010

smart spending -compare and think

The UK -NO just England has made major hike in Uni tuition fees . OK dump stuff like Media studies ect. But things like physics , engineering ect all that will happen is that those students given big loans to study usefull subjects - which they can then use in other English speaking countries -will have a bigger incentive to migrate on graduation to avoide paying the loan and interest back. This cost cutting is due to £4 billion cut from University budget .Far Less then stolen via RSB.
The country has higher tuition fees then Germany and France yet spends much more on its military. the country has spent but its own account five times this on wars of no benefit to the UK in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then there is going to be almost as much , after final overpriced bill, for the 2012 Olympics. Plus the cost of the supporters who will come on tourist visas and fail to go home, after the great event.

A US scientist made another calculation -for the cost of these two wars to the US they could have built a hundred nuclear power plants reducing US energy imports by 40% .

The Heart Of England

See story in Mail and readers comments -2000 year old thorn tree hacked by vandals. It was taken from one of the cuttings of the original preverved after the Roundheads -Skinheads of their time- hacked down the original. Maybe symbolicaly the root will re-grow. Will the just flickering candle lite by Ridley and Latimer ever burn bright again.

Glastonbury should be better known for it roots in English History -then a music festival- King Arthur was probably buried there.

As for hawthornes they where used to destroy Dracula at the end of Hammers last film -Satanic Rites Of Dracula , which fell into the public domain after the studio went bankrupt.


NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ABOVE POST -the other day i was talking to this light skinned Jamacian guy , he had one lived illegally in Canada -which for generally living standards he said was far better then the UK. His parents live in Canada , anyway he was detained as an illegal -held in jail for close on a year while he waited appeal aginst his immediate deportation - his choice only his appeal failed. In the UK he meet and married a Polish women , having a daughter.
Anyway we where talking about food -he buys all those big Carribean Fish whole from the markets. He also kept a pig in his backyard intending to kill it for a barbacue only someone reported it -the RSPCA and the police came round and confiscated the live pig as he was not a licensed slaughterman. He also keeps Piranha -unlike in the movies- they only need to be feed every few weeks. So he buys a live rat from a pet shop -not same shop every time in case the noticed a pattern and feeds it to the Piranhas .

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Read the article from the Daily Mail by Max Hastings -former Telegraph editor and war historian -he thinks hard times and conflict are coming. Essentially he suspects that a total meltdown of the West financial system may happen. That even informed intelligent people are unable to grasp this . Some where predicting it a few years back on Revelation TV .

What it means is that at some point people will not be able to access their money from banks , nor will companies . Moreover unlike say the Cuban missile crisis events may be out of the control of politicians .

its also worth reading many of the readers comments

What is the Chinese curse " may you live in interesting times "

note is pro -Israel -"the focal point of Islams attack on the west."

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Biggest corporate fraud in British History

Guess which UK bank bailed out by the taxpayer is one of the most exposed to the Irish debt? Yes its the RSB. Think what really happened in Ireland -which is now full of empty hotel and office blocks built by "property developers" who bribed Irish Goverment officials.

ITS BEEN ANNOUNCED THAT THE FSA REPORT ON THIS BANK IS TOO COMPLEX AND WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. Lets guess there will be a press campaing to get it published. Eventually they will give in and nothing much wrong will be found in the actions of the bank which has lost the taxpayers tens of billions while enriching-overtly and covertly - those who run it .This is the FSA cleaver trick -the report is a cover up but by pretending to hide it and then being forced to revel it the discredit any conspiracy type theories -clever.

All we seem to read about is a few minor ex-MPs , whom we have never heard off, who drew the conveniant legal short straw re cynical prosecution, for fiddling some thousands in expenses . Then of course for footie worshippers we have been robbed by FIFA corruption out of hosting the 2018 World Cup. Pity we where not also robbed of the 2012 Olympics.

What is the real biggest corruption case ever in UK history? Its this Russians bribed people at the RSB into granting high risk mega "loans". Several Billion have since been written off -the tab picked up by the UK taxpayer. One such case is that of Leonid Blavantic ,whose over a billion pound loan has been written off. The people who passed it are still at the RSB stealing their yearly bonuses. Just put the name and RSB into google. A good account is on -if too anti- semitic-

note day after i wrote this story on how US lawers accused people at HSBC of taking kickbacks from US super ponzi scam Maddoff , costing investors billions more and in effect helping to keep him running for years more .

Bankers are not stupid =they are very smart indeed at enriching themselves.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Hi Christopher,

The Sci Fi films on my wanted DVD list are sort of called retro Sci Fi -that is more then anything they reflect the concerns of the time and thoughts about the future of the people in the respective decade they where made.

MOVIES the Tunnel, HG Wells Things To Come and Sci Fi Musical Just Imagine are all 1930s visions of the future.

The Science Museum recently run an exhibition on Dan Dare -1950s comic Brit Space pilot - and British science of the period. In the Disney MAGIC KINGDOM parks tomorrowland =originally set in the near future- kept going out of date. So in the US its now sort of themed around 1950s sci fi images. In the Paris park this sci -fi land is Discoverland themed around how Verne and others at the end of the 19th Century imagined the look of the future.

Before they came into existance sci-fi did not imagine DNA modification, PCs in the home or the internet. However the social Darwinists did think that one day there would be a showdown between the white and yallow race for domination of the planet.

See previous posts: First Chinaman On The Moon/ The World Shall Here From Me Again

meltdown ?

Where the bees right about the winter, see previous posting ?

The Euro = this has not been given much coverage for obvious reasons . What happens if the lesser economies such as Greece , Ireland , Portugal where forced to leave the euro zone . If they did it would represent an immediate average 30% devaluation of their non-euro currency and assets -thats property values. Only catch the Europeen banks would immediatly loose well over a trillion pounds or euros . Not stuff they could hide as its final and total losses. Almost all the banks in Europe would become insolvent .

Maybe we should follow the bees and stock up with lots of tinned food.