Friday, 24 December 2010

marsupial superstar

one of the Christmas TV highlights has to be the documentary on classic complete crap Australian TV series Skippy The Bush Kangaroo .BBC4 on 27-12-2010/

Interview cast members -but not the deceased roo and its stunt doubles. When i went to the Roo enclosures in Melbourne zoo they had all kinds of kangaroos including ones which slept on low hanging tree branches. Honest . They all seemed as thick as sheep.

I think that super intelligent Skippy must have been a mutation , before DNA came to the for most comic book superheroes and movie mutant monsters came about via radiation. Remember in the 1950s the Brits tested HBomb radiation exposure on National Servicemen and Abbos. Their where several resulting mutations such as Rolf Harris who had an extra leg where his didgeridoo should have been.

PS see previous posting -the Bees seem to have been right.

Cold Winter -its melting ice and the gulf stream slowing down due to global warming . of course it would be down to man made global warming if we had mild winter -evidence it was getting warmer. That's ignoring Sir William Herschel who in the early 19th century identified planetary temperatures with solar activity. People often post correctly that the same effects , receding and expanding caps , occur simultaneously on Mars.

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