Saturday, 25 December 2010

christmas party plans canceled

When Police officers at the crime scene saw his body two of them where sick. It was no 'normal'stabbing -there was a blade in his head, his guts where literaly hanging out and there was a large pool of blood. Three assaliants but so far none have been found.

One of the local drug dealers had his Christmas party plans ruined. Three hoodies called late one evening sprayed CS gas on the two women in the house -his pregnent girlfriend and her ten year old sister, then hacked him down with Axes. As he owned a Mercedes it seems that his trade must have paid for it as he did not do anything, being unemployed , to make that sort of money.

Some think it was in revenge for an attractive girl who died -using stuff -at one of his parties as friends had vowed revenge. Only one theory. Looking at his facebook page-Daniel McGintey -he seemed to have some male and female friends that you might meet on one of the lower circles.

Readers comments on and Croydon edition are worth reading as some approve his demise also see comments on American sites
search Daniel McGintey drugdealer these sites

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postscript -the last two to hang in the uk where executed for going round to a mans home and stabbing him over a small sum of money. McGinteys murder's believed in the death penalty as do most of the murders in our prisons only they do not believe the crown should resort to it.

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