Friday, 26 November 2010

enemy within

go to scroll down to post -muslim gangs rape white girls in britian -it has direct link to daily mail story on how a muslim gang in the Midlands target over 100 mainly white girls.

Think about this the left feminists =such as the coven -web site and man hating MPs and lawmakers such as labour deputy leader lesbian Harriet Harmen are always going on about women as victims. Yet with few exeptions they are in favour of non-selective large scale immigration. So you get Ablianian sex trafficers and frequent rapes and sexual assualts by Albanians -where it seems to be part of their culture to rape and abduct women of other tribes.

We are rarely told the following:

The white middle class sex crimes are more harshly punished and pursued to keep the targets in balance . Dont believe it check the figures of who gets what for yourself. This is covert CPS and Home Office policy. check

London has an average of one reported group rape - pc term for gang rape a day. This has even been in the Guardian.

Since 1994 , when it was over a third of rape convictions, we are not given an ethnic breakdown of who the perpatrators are. you can find some figures on blog .

Sunday, 21 November 2010

when is counterfiet money not counterfiet money?


When printed -thats lots of extra money - by the US and UK .Both have just magiced out of nothing billions and billions of extra money . Its never worked before .

"the problem with counterfeit money is that is not backed by gold or any store of value. Where as proper money, printed by the bank of England is ...err not backed by gold or any store of value."

Read this article't-a-patch-on-the-bank-of-england/

police criminals -most wanted

The verious police service publish online a most wanted list. What there should be AN ON LINE HELD ON OVERSEAS SERVER IS A MOST WANTED LIST OF POLICEMEN in the UK who due to corruption by the Police /CPS get away with criminal acts such as former Northamtonshire Police officer DC Andy Bell and Wiltshire Police Sergeant Mark Andrew

daventry police station newstreet daventry daventry police station newstreeet
daventry police station newstreet daventry daventry police station
warren blackwell warren blackwell warren blackwell warren blackwell

Here are just two examples ctv footage plainly shows this custody Sergeant assulting an entirly innocent middle class women -yet against overwhelming evidence he is subsequently aqquited. As all the commentators on the page say -here is the clearest evidence of one law for them another for the public. note this is not the first time that criminal thug Police Sergeant Mark Andrew has had an assault complaint made against him.

Such a website should make use of key words so people searching for the PR crap =say their local police service would find it. As an example - Northamptonshire Police Northamptonshire Police Service ect then people searching google would be able to read the story of Warren Blackwell - an entirly innocent man who has been compensated after serving over three years in jail. Just google up his name and that of now retired DC Andrew Bell. This corrupt officer knew that the rape accusser =since identified under Parlimantiary privaliage had a history of false accusations.

Northamptionshire Police corrupt officer DC Andrew Bell aka DC Andy Dell and co criminal conspiritors corrupt Chief Constable Chris Fox / Chief Constable Christopher Fox deliberiatly concelled this fact . Detective Constable Andy Bell He has since retired on full pension the other two corrupt officer in the case are still working for Northamptionshire Police. Neither the women whom her family , three appeal court judges said was a liar or the corrupt Northamptionshire police officers have been charged with what was clear -conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

its simple to understand DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ANDY BELL OF NORTHAMPTIONSHIRE POLICE knew from another police force that the women was a maker of false rape accusations and he delibertly with held this information in order to get a result and frame an innocent man for a crime which never happened -just so detective constable Andy bell could get a result.

northamptionshire police most wanted northamptionshire police most wanted

"this will be heard at a higher court than the Old Bailey " Sherlock Holmes

Friday, 19 November 2010

did you know i was going to write this?

some additions to previous posts which i did not predict.

Re my previous post - it was reported from every Indian Ocean country hit by the tidal wave in 2004 that the animals fleed to higher ground before it struck. Animal sixth sense?
read this article not so much for the research - humans may have psychic power more so for the range of readers comments -some making veriations of my the joke heading -others the usual sceptics but many thoughtfull and interesting. We know that these things exist because by verious degress we have experianced them .

Sort of releated - the reason those who do not have fixed religous doctrines or are believers in nothing beyond itself belief against much evidence- think that ghosts and apperiations are real is because most of us have meet genuine and truthfull people who have experianced them . Crediable and rational people who had no reason to lie . For instance old guy Jack was talking the day after his mother died. He was telling me about how several of his children used to see an apperiation in their house in Bethnal Green. On one occasion he was upstairs with his alsation dog when he saw the dog became very scared - then he saw the same women some of his children staring intently at him then seemingly walk through the wall.

I have meet many genuine perfectly ordinary people who have recounted supernaturel type experiances with no motive - say to promote a belief about this or that- .

Richard Dawkins was once asked if their was anything which had ever caused him to doubt and he responded - sometimes he had found himself thinking about someone he knew and later found out that they had died . But afterwards he had just put it down to coincidence. This has happened to me on a few occasions and feelings where just far to powerfull to be coincidence . I can remember that the day my father died quite unexpextedly i kept have strange thoughts that i should visit my parants house that Sunday. i did not but there was something saying something was wrong .This has happened on another couple of occasions -a stronge sense of someone i knew dying - without knowning specifically who it was -then they did.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

b-prepared b-warning

When the Tsunami struck -drowning over 200,000 in 2004 it was reported that many hours before it sweept across the coast of verious countries most of the wild animals had fled to high ground.Animal sixth sense ? See my previous post -crossing over to the other side. +

Infhe the Daily Mail - 12 /11/10 was this readers letter - from Gloria Havenhand beekeeper and author of Huney Natures Golden Healer. : "never in all my decades of beekeeping have i stood in disbelief at my millions of bees and their forwarming . From the end of July, their hive enternces have been intricatly blocked with beeswax to unbelievable proportions. They have prepared insuperable defences against wind, rain and snow that would drown and raveage their lives. "

Is a hard cold winter coming ?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

First Chinaman On The Moon

One year on from the Olympics -a truimph of celebrating diversity-in 2013 China is going for a moon shot. Will internet conspiracy nuts claim this to as they claim 1969 moon landings is going to be a studio fake?

China is also aiming to put Men on Mars. In a list of things that science fiction got right and got wrong about the future - did it ever imagine that the first men on Mars would be from China. The only example of Chinamen in space -sort of -i can think of is Ming in the old Flash Gordon adventures.

The Discovery & History channels had docus on how it was the work of Nazi rocket science which really enabled the US to reach the moon. As one person put it we like to think of America winning the space race against the Soviets as a triumph of democracy .
Even the true endgame of the cold war has another outcome. With the fall of the USSR , Asia -that is semi-Socialist India and Communist China - rentered the free market driven world. Billions of industrius Asiatics. For America companies in search of easy short term profits rather the future export markets- this was the means to boost profits by having much of their producton outsourced to low wage low cost Asia.
Only in the long term this corporate greed has destroyed employmentt for Americam workers.

Back in 1985 the BBC run a series called The Triumph Of The West. Someone wrote a letter in The Radio Times saying it was all wrong and what Spengler had predicted in his 1918 book Decline Of The West - would happen. The West would go on to transfer its technological base to Asia for short term profits.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Black Ops -MissionPointless loss


heroes with balls often loose them via roadside bombs -think about this the explosive force wave which can blow of a leg or part of , plus shapernal means that the penis which contains no bone is easily torn off.

Latest war simulation game-use your troops for a pointless operation in the terrain of Afghanistian - see how many loose lives and bits of them on meaningless patrols.
Ulta realism as you calculate how much Blair has made out of this and Iraq via the US as kickbacks.

Over 80 % of British fatalities in Afghanistan are due to road side bombs. As our forces go on entirly pointless patrols. Far less known is due to advance medical treatment the ratio of those sustaining lifelong injuries to deaths is much higher then in previous conflicts.

So our servicemen go on loosing limbs and often literally their balls when they step on a roadside mine -fact not mentioned in press. For what - no British interests economic or strategic are involved.

The simple truth is as soon as all the troops leave the place will revert to how it was, just as it did after the Soviets departed. The only reason they stay is that the political parties who backed this are unable to come up with any exit stratagy which can then be sold to the public as having justified all the existing loss. Thus the pointless loss of life, and wreaking of otherS goes on. Every month that goes on with out a strategic withdrawal more good men will loose their lives or balls because the bad men in charge dont have any.

NOTE PRIME BACKERS OF BLAIR WARS -THE MURDOCH MEDIA -have released a book- Real Heroes- with intro by Jeremy Clarkson /Ross Kemp its just like a modern version of the old dc thompson/fleetway war comic annuals published in 1960s . Right down to comic strips ect only amied at big boys.

Friday, 5 November 2010



The dollar weakens -still at the moment reserve currancy of globel trade - . The Federal reserve - private bank created in 1913 which caused the great depression- has just done some more "Wiemar money" aka quantitive easing - this is not to devalue the dollar or drive an economic upturn . Its to buy US internal debt - yes its printing money to us to buy US debts no one else wants. America unsastainable debt keeps growing . Meantime China and others are stockpiling gold and aquiring the we are told by some with motive doomed Euro. Probably the replacement reserve trading currency.

Often listed as one of the so called top twenty conspiracy theories is the Amero - the joint US/Canadian/ Mexico REPLACEMENT for the dollar. Thats listed as a decoy -its real and a surprising number of people in all walks of life can see beyond what is feed as information by mainstream sources and economists with their own vested intersts.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

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has links to all the press stories around England - GIVING A MUCH MORE ACCURATE PICTURE THEN YOU WOULD GET FROM FILTERED TV NEWS