Friday, 19 November 2010

did you know i was going to write this?

some additions to previous posts which i did not predict.

Re my previous post - it was reported from every Indian Ocean country hit by the tidal wave in 2004 that the animals fleed to higher ground before it struck. Animal sixth sense?
read this article not so much for the research - humans may have psychic power more so for the range of readers comments -some making veriations of my the joke heading -others the usual sceptics but many thoughtfull and interesting. We know that these things exist because by verious degress we have experianced them .

Sort of releated - the reason those who do not have fixed religous doctrines or are believers in nothing beyond itself belief against much evidence- think that ghosts and apperiations are real is because most of us have meet genuine and truthfull people who have experianced them . Crediable and rational people who had no reason to lie . For instance old guy Jack was talking the day after his mother died. He was telling me about how several of his children used to see an apperiation in their house in Bethnal Green. On one occasion he was upstairs with his alsation dog when he saw the dog became very scared - then he saw the same women some of his children staring intently at him then seemingly walk through the wall.

I have meet many genuine perfectly ordinary people who have recounted supernaturel type experiances with no motive - say to promote a belief about this or that- .

Richard Dawkins was once asked if their was anything which had ever caused him to doubt and he responded - sometimes he had found himself thinking about someone he knew and later found out that they had died . But afterwards he had just put it down to coincidence. This has happened to me on a few occasions and feelings where just far to powerfull to be coincidence . I can remember that the day my father died quite unexpextedly i kept have strange thoughts that i should visit my parants house that Sunday. i did not but there was something saying something was wrong .This has happened on another couple of occasions -a stronge sense of someone i knew dying - without knowning specifically who it was -then they did.

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