Saturday, 13 November 2010

b-prepared b-warning

When the Tsunami struck -drowning over 200,000 in 2004 it was reported that many hours before it sweept across the coast of verious countries most of the wild animals had fled to high ground.Animal sixth sense ? See my previous post -crossing over to the other side. +

Infhe the Daily Mail - 12 /11/10 was this readers letter - from Gloria Havenhand beekeeper and author of Huney Natures Golden Healer. : "never in all my decades of beekeeping have i stood in disbelief at my millions of bees and their forwarming . From the end of July, their hive enternces have been intricatly blocked with beeswax to unbelievable proportions. They have prepared insuperable defences against wind, rain and snow that would drown and raveage their lives. "

Is a hard cold winter coming ?

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