Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Black Ops -MissionPointless loss


heroes with balls often loose them via roadside bombs -think about this the explosive force wave which can blow of a leg or part of , plus shapernal means that the penis which contains no bone is easily torn off.

Latest war simulation game-use your troops for a pointless operation in the terrain of Afghanistian - see how many loose lives and bits of them on meaningless patrols.
Ulta realism as you calculate how much Blair has made out of this and Iraq via the US as kickbacks.

Over 80 % of British fatalities in Afghanistan are due to road side bombs. As our forces go on entirly pointless patrols. Far less known is due to advance medical treatment the ratio of those sustaining lifelong injuries to deaths is much higher then in previous conflicts.

So our servicemen go on loosing limbs and often literally their balls when they step on a roadside mine -fact not mentioned in press. For what - no British interests economic or strategic are involved.

The simple truth is as soon as all the troops leave the place will revert to how it was, just as it did after the Soviets departed. The only reason they stay is that the political parties who backed this are unable to come up with any exit stratagy which can then be sold to the public as having justified all the existing loss. Thus the pointless loss of life, and wreaking of otherS goes on. Every month that goes on with out a strategic withdrawal more good men will loose their lives or balls because the bad men in charge dont have any.

NOTE PRIME BACKERS OF BLAIR WARS -THE MURDOCH MEDIA -have released a book- Real Heroes- with intro by Jeremy Clarkson /Ross Kemp its just like a modern version of the old dc thompson/fleetway war comic annuals published in 1960s . Right down to comic strips ect only amied at big boys.

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