Sunday, 21 November 2010

police criminals -most wanted

The verious police service publish online a most wanted list. What there should be AN ON LINE HELD ON OVERSEAS SERVER IS A MOST WANTED LIST OF POLICEMEN in the UK who due to corruption by the Police /CPS get away with criminal acts such as former Northamtonshire Police officer DC Andy Bell and Wiltshire Police Sergeant Mark Andrew

daventry police station newstreet daventry daventry police station newstreeet
daventry police station newstreet daventry daventry police station
warren blackwell warren blackwell warren blackwell warren blackwell

Here are just two examples ctv footage plainly shows this custody Sergeant assulting an entirly innocent middle class women -yet against overwhelming evidence he is subsequently aqquited. As all the commentators on the page say -here is the clearest evidence of one law for them another for the public. note this is not the first time that criminal thug Police Sergeant Mark Andrew has had an assault complaint made against him.

Such a website should make use of key words so people searching for the PR crap =say their local police service would find it. As an example - Northamptonshire Police Northamptonshire Police Service ect then people searching google would be able to read the story of Warren Blackwell - an entirly innocent man who has been compensated after serving over three years in jail. Just google up his name and that of now retired DC Andrew Bell. This corrupt officer knew that the rape accusser =since identified under Parlimantiary privaliage had a history of false accusations.

Northamptionshire Police corrupt officer DC Andrew Bell aka DC Andy Dell and co criminal conspiritors corrupt Chief Constable Chris Fox / Chief Constable Christopher Fox deliberiatly concelled this fact . Detective Constable Andy Bell He has since retired on full pension the other two corrupt officer in the case are still working for Northamptionshire Police. Neither the women whom her family , three appeal court judges said was a liar or the corrupt Northamptionshire police officers have been charged with what was clear -conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

its simple to understand DETECTIVE CONSTABLE ANDY BELL OF NORTHAMPTIONSHIRE POLICE knew from another police force that the women was a maker of false rape accusations and he delibertly with held this information in order to get a result and frame an innocent man for a crime which never happened -just so detective constable Andy bell could get a result.

northamptionshire police most wanted northamptionshire police most wanted

"this will be heard at a higher court than the Old Bailey " Sherlock Holmes

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