Thursday, 23 June 2011

British out of Afganistan & Bradford by 2012

US and Brits set dates for strategic withdrawal aka hand over to the Taliban - based on key considerations, number of troops killed or maimed, Politicians photo opportunities , next election dates.

Read article by Historian Correlli Barnet -link above-

EU wants UK to cultivate more Triffids

"Most live in towns and Cities but to the English people the countryside is England and England is the countryside. " Stanley Baldwin speech in 1930s

As of yet some English countryside is not concreted over to house millions of migrants. So the EU would like it to be used for Triffid plants.

In the Day Of The Triffids -the population are blind to whats coming. The Triffids increase at an expidential rate and will eliminate the indigenous species.

Trevor Philips head of the Equality & Human rights commission says Triffids are much better intigrated into the countryside of England then roses, oak trees or Englishmen.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cameron Says Maybe no UK contribution to Greek bailout

Thats only direct UK contribution, the UK will still be using borrowed money to give to the IMF and others. The aim being to use Western Europes taxpayers money as loans to Greece . So they can pay back some of the money owed to French and German Banks. The Greek Drachma or is that Drama will continue as they will then owe even more money they can not repay at Euro values. Sort of having a cash before payday loan then repaying it with a loan from Wonga. Winner Of Loan Shark Of The Year Award, Awe Shucks.

The video debtocracy see link above is somewhat leftist -however it contains part of the truth. The Greeks -from whom we get the word Democracy- the people never wanted the Euro . As lots of informed posters on newspaper web sites have said in Greece there is much corruption and many individuals and business pay  bribes  to officials to avoid paying taxes. German companies paid bribes to get Greek politicians to buy lots of military equipment , an air conditioned metro for Athens and so on. All paid for by loans from French , German Banks. Now the Greek Politicians have been bribed into accepting bail out loans to pay the interest on the bank loans. The Greek people know that the austerity measures will only drive Greece into deeper debt. Out of the Euro they would again be a cheap tourist destination, INSTEAD the goverment is puting up vat and wine taxes making Greece a more expensive tourist destination.

added some links to previous posts eg US Crash in 2012  and last verious posts 2010

Friday, 17 June 2011

Sour Grapes by A.Crow

Lets see bet it was written by a male  so -

The grapes are a bit past sell by date

They have been airbrushed for some cover shoot

The grapes may be plastic -as in surgical enhancement

The Grapes are a bit too plump, wrong colour or type of grapes

The Grapes are non-organic and maybe some chemical contact.< So Britney did Drugs. As does peachy Peaches Geldolf.>

. Maybe its just that you are not going to taste the succulent grapes

 The all new improved grapes

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Overseas Aid Solution -

As 99p stores are now so popular and other shops often price things at say 4.99 instead of £5 the Bank Of England is issuing 99p coins made of cheap plastic. The main idea is that world copper prices keep going up -its being stolen all the time from rail signaling , roofs and so on. People having one of these coins will be able to pay them in over the counter of banks and so on providing they round it up with copper coins. Gordon Brown sold half our gold reserves at then rock bottom prices but at least we will be able to build up our copper reserves.

Re -My Previous post on Comic Relief   - The punters aka electorate are none to happy with the Con/Libs enthusiasm for increasing overseas aid giveaways. This might be a solution . In order to stimulate the economy , sort of lapdancer and geriatric old git, Bank Of England printed billions of extra pounds -officially termed Quantity Easing . As practiced in Zimbabwe .

Instead of given the respective aid money in fifty pound notes why don't the Bank Of England  print it in the lucky recipients own currency . They get the money but its only cost us the printing costs, ink ,paper and such.


This is a sort of rapid response armed police force which in the event of major civil unrest in say Greece could be "invited " by the Greek Government to "help"  restore peace or should that be impose order. Not suggestion that is going to happen as yet but just topical example.

Remember Blair and his government intentionally opened the UK to massive immigration -what would most destabilise a country -ethnic divisions and economic collapse .
Along with his Human Rights Act Blairs  government also passed the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 [Version of Hitlers 1933 Enabling Act }meaning these Euro Cops could operate in what was our country.

Membership of the EU forbids the imposition of the death penalty in any circumstance EXCLUDING  civil insurrection.

Monday, 13 June 2011

See Daily Mail Readers comments -Blair Prince Of Deception

" He (Cameron ) may be better than Anthony Blair. I think it to early to tell. But then so are must humans walking on the Earth. "   Peter Hitchens   26/06/2011    Daily Mail

Saturday, 11 June 2011

What are the odds at the bookies -on USA crash in 2012

also see  article     obamas dilemma and ours by Patrick J.Buchanan

Options are running out -the US already had  plan B  and  C ect
next Plan 9 From Outer Space ?
Smart readers comments on Telegraph website   they can see the US meltdown is coming so you can be sure the money people are making their escape plans.

Never Smile At A Suburban Crocodile

Police calling at a house in Croydon  , on another matter , found four crocs -some four foot long in one of the rooms.

A week earlier another surprising find -anthropologists found an English family the Smiths living in a house in Bradford.

Friday, 3 June 2011

amazing claim that Britians Got No Talent Is Fixed

An incredible and truly astounding allegation has been made, allegedly by a Sony executive on the internet that Britain's Got No Talent is fixed -unlike say football
see story Daily Mail

Other fantastic claims which can not possibly be true :

All Kate Moss pictures require extensive photo shop work

The England Team at the 2014 World Cup will preform crap

The number of migrants in the UK is millions more then any official figure

The audience for Question Time is  pre-screened and selected for liberal bias.

In the case of the superinjunctions Master Of The Rolls Lord Neubergers prime and only consideration was  the interests of his rich lawyer friends.

All Tax Payer funded services -will avoid making any savings but instead will cut what are called frontline services such as local council makes zero savings on administration , executives pay and perks but cuts libraries and closes public toilets to inconvenience the public.

The 2012 Olympic Games will not have massive overspend -being a property scam and eventually the constructions utalised for a covert Islamic overspill suburb complete with mega Mosque.

This is true - Superstar Wrestler Macho Man faked his demise in a May 2011 Florida auto accident in order to lull his opponents into a false sense of security before his ring comeback.

As they say in America -Wrestlings real its life thats fixed.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

last post was depressing -so put something cool

London Zoo has finally opened a decent pool for its Penguins -not the art deco crap that exposed them to heat. At about the same time the London Aqurium has opened a new Penguin attraction with real snow as in Sea World artic stuff.

Plus one amazing photo -of creation - thousands of Penguins , the parents sheild their young -taking it in turn to provide adult body heat against the cold. They are all able to locate their own young - using GPS- Global Penguin System