Thursday, 16 June 2011

Overseas Aid Solution -

As 99p stores are now so popular and other shops often price things at say 4.99 instead of £5 the Bank Of England is issuing 99p coins made of cheap plastic. The main idea is that world copper prices keep going up -its being stolen all the time from rail signaling , roofs and so on. People having one of these coins will be able to pay them in over the counter of banks and so on providing they round it up with copper coins. Gordon Brown sold half our gold reserves at then rock bottom prices but at least we will be able to build up our copper reserves.

Re -My Previous post on Comic Relief   - The punters aka electorate are none to happy with the Con/Libs enthusiasm for increasing overseas aid giveaways. This might be a solution . In order to stimulate the economy , sort of lapdancer and geriatric old git, Bank Of England printed billions of extra pounds -officially termed Quantity Easing . As practiced in Zimbabwe .

Instead of given the respective aid money in fifty pound notes why don't the Bank Of England  print it in the lucky recipients own currency . They get the money but its only cost us the printing costs, ink ,paper and such.

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