Saturday, 28 July 2012

Thursday, 26 July 2012

First Lesbian in space dies

NASA first women Astronaut Sally Ride dies aged 61, leaving behind her partner of 27 years Tam O'Shaughnessy .

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

original amateur spirit of games not extinguished

The Olympic flame concept first introduced at the 1936 National Socialist Party Olympics. This is is what should be done to the Olympic flame. As its burning Britannia's image before the world . The spirit of  amateurism as envisaged by its 1894 founders kept alive by the G4s security fiasco and see
see readers comments these articles - other than all the people scamming money out of them the British public no more wanted the games , millions of migrants or the insane involvement in middle east wars.    also

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Don't Say Nothing Gang to carry Olympic Torch through Croydon

TEAM GB - have not read this anywhere - nor googled it up but is there any other nation competing in the Olympics which does not just say Country name - Team?

Team GB - sounds more the name of a sports wear -cargo cult- chain.

Greece - with its small population - a part of its current debt is from the huge costs of staging the 2004 Greatest show on Earth . For the 2008 Greatest Show on Earth the Chinese , as ruthlessly as the Highland clearances, bulldozed poor peoples homes for the Olympic sites. Displacing one and a half million people. How many migrants will descended on England for the GB Greatest Show On Earth ?  How much debt will UK taxpayers be paying off for the privilege of staging the greatest show on Earth.?
2016 its in Brazil so they will remove all the poor people from the streets for the greatest show on earth.   . Why does earth have to go on hosting this pagan extravaganza - why can not some other planet host the next games?

Monday 23 July - Croydon has 100% more police officers around due to Olympic Torch passing through - sort of like a plague virus - than when crowds started gathering for the planed riots. On the afternoon of the riots -all 30 or so cops normally around had been withdrawn - when the riot took place they turned away reinforcements sent from Thames Valley . Today 300 at least for the Olympic flame as it passes through Croydon.

Here is another reason to hate this event inflicted on our country - Blair claims that Cherie helped us get them. The Woman part of Matrix the law firm which made more than any other out of Blairs Human rights act.

The GuiltOlympics GB wins Gold for denigrating its own nation.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Excitment builds as enthusiastic nation anticipates the Olympics

Why did we get this inflicted on us. Here is why - Almost every one involved is going to skim lots of money off via creative costings everything from the Construction , The Security, Promotion .Its all been marked up from the big to the small . Of course as with those so called To Big To Fail -financial institutions the bigger the thing is and thus more complex the easier it is to hid all the money siphoned off. After the Greatest Show On Earth -there will be some sort of Decoy -investigation into some fraud allegation. When in reality the whole enterprise is a gigantic fraud perpetrated on the taxpayers.

Friday, 13 July 2012

What does all those -we buy gold shops- tell us

Over the last few months as much Gold went through Hong Kong as the entire depleted UK Gold reserves. China is stockpiling the stuff - because it knows the United States is going to be a bigger version of Greece.

14-O7   Saturday there was some talk radio stand in Croydon High Street . Discussing employment issue . Members of the public and one of Croydon Councils head - A guy asked him why the council had blocked a private project to turn the old airdrome into a major freight base for people like UPS. The Council guy was avoiding responding to this until i kept saying "Come on Sir answer his question. So he picked up the microphone and denied all knowledge of this project.

There was a very eloquent Indian man who explained in clear detail how Europe and the United States , need to get down their debts and or operating on paper money . 

Aliens with ability to assume human form among us?

The Aliens have assumed the appearance of Romanian Gypsies but are actually from a highly advanced civilisation on another planet in another galaxy which has warp drive technology
In modest budget 1950s science fiction films the invading Aliens often had the power to assume human form. Maybe many of those migrants outside Lunar  House immigration office are in reality from somewhere far away. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wind Turbine to join cast of EastEnders

The BBC being enthusiasts for climate change and re-newable energy resources are adding a wind turbine -installed in Albert Square . Apart from promoting wind farms its hoped that when the wind is sufficient blowing across the EastEnders set at Elstree studios it may provide power for some of the cameras and lighting equipment.

Equity -the actors union has classified the Wind Turbine -as a standing role. As it's a none speaking part.

The BBC promotes the man made climate change lie scam . As my post on the Emma West protective custody lie scam - if they promote one thing that is a self evident lie assume that everything they promote might be suspect.   In the 12 th Century where  Robin Hood story is set it was perfectly plausible for outlaws /brigands to live in the then dense forests in mild climate all year round. The BBC most recent Robin Hood was the first Historical set in England drama of others to have a black actor play a member of the ruling Elite - they did the same with Richard 11.

Higgs Boson particle found - UK Border Agency missing

As over 150,000 migrants in the UK have been unable to find it -we must presume that the UK Border Agency is missing -maybe it has slipped though an anomaly into some other dimension.

Just a particle found on a US web site.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

China sets up beachead - For its troops ?



Perspective tenants for the flats in Angola?

What explanation best fits the facts.  If this had been built by a Western company it might be a property investment scam in which something has to be built but the developers don't care it will never sell -lots of stuff  like this in Spain and Ireland . But its not the Chinese know that the cost are way above what most Angolans can afford and its rich elite would not want them. Angola has oil and plenty of other useful stuff .Think advance planing Geo-politics . First build all sorts of things to help the locals like fortress style apartments , highways -for tanks , harbors for frigates and airports for military jets  -all ready and waiting for your army to one day move in and occupy.

PS slightly off topic but my original post of the Spy in the bag -Gareth Williams -that it was a sex act gone wrong was correct. I was shaken in this view when experts in the field said they could not look themselves in the holdall . However since then two people have succeed in doing just that -videos on Daily Mail web site. Moreover a former Landlady said at the inquest that she once had to free him after he tied himself to the bed.   The reason that they can find no evidence -forensic or CTV of anyone else is simply that there wasn't.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wish for EU Referendum to be granted

These Two really would grant the peoples wish for a referendum  on staying in the European Union. But they are only pretend -unlike Cameron and Miliband who will pretend to have one if it means they can be elected.


This is a genuine Young Conservative Poster -

PS  for the latest on the evil people and the politically motivated persecution of Emma West see this link :

see also my previous posts on the evil people involved in this case. Emma West Of Grenville Road New Addington was not charged because any tram passenger made a complaint to the transport police who where actually at the scene. But because millions of people saw a clip of this incident on youtube- in other words she is being prosecuted for letting millions around the world know about the demographic transformation of England. Originally the plan had been to keep her in prison for months awaiting trial -to intimidate her into pleading guilty. Two key conspirators Chairman of Croydon Magistrates Ian McNeil ,55 of  Oakhill Road Orpington and Crown Prosecution lawyer Nwanneka Kalunta- Ika of   Goldwell Road Thornton Heath .

The evil man pictured here is Croydon Magistrate Gerald Ellis 69 - actually looks as from Central casting - He was the first one using the protective custody lie to deny Emma West Bail even that all normal people  would know she would be at risk in prison. Do you think he is a fool or a man who  Lies? - if the second than do you think he has used lies before?
Croydon Magistrate Gerald Ellis    Croydon Magistrate Gerald Ellis Oakwood Avenue Purley
The Protective Custody lie scam was presented by Frances R Lockhart   Key search word Frances Lockhart prosecuting Frances Lockhart
of Beresford Road Kingston on Thames   there is a very interesting comment about this lady on England Calling -re posting Emma West new trial date
 - e-mail

It seem that the latest tactic of Frances Lockhart prosecuting is that if Emma West does not change her plea to guilty she will have her two children taken away by social  services
Key Search words - Emma West trial  emma west trial croydon crown court   Emma West Trial Croydon Crown Court    Emma West Croydon Crown Court Emma West trial croydon crown court Emma west trial September Croydon Crown Court trial Emma West 
you can e-mail frances lockhart - she will not deny this

key words  google  Frances Lockhart prosecuting  Frances Lockhart prosecuting 

Remember the Black man who pun#ched a 97 year old Indian man and ex-British Army  in the head on a Croydon bus walked free from court. Of course if his victim had been the evil vile lying pathetic Gerald Ellis - he would have been jailed.