Friday, 13 July 2012

What does all those -we buy gold shops- tell us

Over the last few months as much Gold went through Hong Kong as the entire depleted UK Gold reserves. China is stockpiling the stuff - because it knows the United States is going to be a bigger version of Greece.

14-O7   Saturday there was some talk radio stand in Croydon High Street . Discussing employment issue . Members of the public and one of Croydon Councils head - A guy asked him why the council had blocked a private project to turn the old airdrome into a major freight base for people like UPS. The Council guy was avoiding responding to this until i kept saying "Come on Sir answer his question. So he picked up the microphone and denied all knowledge of this project.

There was a very eloquent Indian man who explained in clear detail how Europe and the United States , need to get down their debts and or operating on paper money . 

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