Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wish for EU Referendum to be granted

These Two really would grant the peoples wish for a referendum  on staying in the European Union. But they are only pretend -unlike Cameron and Miliband who will pretend to have one if it means they can be elected.


This is a genuine Young Conservative Poster -

PS  for the latest on the evil people and the politically motivated persecution of Emma West see this link :

see also my previous posts on the evil people involved in this case. Emma West Of Grenville Road New Addington was not charged because any tram passenger made a complaint to the transport police who where actually at the scene. But because millions of people saw a clip of this incident on youtube- in other words she is being prosecuted for letting millions around the world know about the demographic transformation of England. Originally the plan had been to keep her in prison for months awaiting trial -to intimidate her into pleading guilty. Two key conspirators Chairman of Croydon Magistrates Ian McNeil ,55 of  Oakhill Road Orpington and Crown Prosecution lawyer Nwanneka Kalunta- Ika of   Goldwell Road Thornton Heath .

The evil man pictured here is Croydon Magistrate Gerald Ellis 69 - actually looks as from Central casting - He was the first one using the protective custody lie to deny Emma West Bail even that all normal people  would know she would be at risk in prison. Do you think he is a fool or a man who  Lies? - if the second than do you think he has used lies before?
Croydon Magistrate Gerald Ellis    Croydon Magistrate Gerald Ellis Oakwood Avenue Purley
The Protective Custody lie scam was presented by Frances R Lockhart   Key search word Frances Lockhart prosecuting Frances Lockhart
of Beresford Road Kingston on Thames   there is a very interesting comment about this lady on England Calling -re posting Emma West new trial date
 - e-mail

It seem that the latest tactic of Frances Lockhart prosecuting is that if Emma West does not change her plea to guilty she will have her two children taken away by social  services
Key Search words - Emma West trial  emma west trial croydon crown court   Emma West Trial Croydon Crown Court    Emma West Croydon Crown Court Emma West trial croydon crown court Emma west trial September Croydon Crown Court trial Emma West 
you can e-mail frances lockhart - she will not deny this

key words  google  Frances Lockhart prosecuting  Frances Lockhart prosecuting 

Remember the Black man who pun#ched a 97 year old Indian man and ex-British Army  in the head on a Croydon bus walked free from court. Of course if his victim had been the evil vile lying pathetic Gerald Ellis - he would have been jailed.


chantel alery said...

Emma West has ok looks maybe Gerald - cant have ever been attractive to women -had a wank after he remanded her.

Anonymous said...

If the CPS women had said they had found a Thompson travel guide at her home the shifty little liar Gerald Eliss would have said " we are remanding you as their is risk you will not turn up for trial."

Is this pathetic little man hoping for an OBE. OK he is old now but looks as if he has always been a scrawney winp - maybe he gets off on the power that is given to this pathetic little creature

paul kinnane said...

it haa been said on the web someone should call Croydon magistrate Ian McNeil
tel 01689 811678 and ask him if he feels decieved by the CPS regarding the threat to her safety -record his reply -also that of CPS soliciter Frances Lockhart tel 0208 549 2992

Anonymous said...

Ellis of 23 oakwood avenue Purley CR8 and the Scotish sodomite McNeil -closley involved with Croydon magistrate Terry Mills jailed for downloading children sex with animals - do a google search on this

Anonymous said...

Emma West trial Emma West Trial Emma West Trial Emma West Trial Emma West Trial Emma West Trial Emma West Trial Emma West Trial

Anonymous said...

Purley Pervert Gerald Ellis - wonder why he is involved why Croydon family court ?

Access to children ?

Anonymous said...

Stephen t Ellis
Nicholas g Ellis
Sandra Ellis
Gerald Ellis

Anonymous said...

the perjury of Purley who false imprisoned Emma West will be out strutting around on remembrance Sunday. Gerald Ellis Remembrance Sunday Croydon

andrew salter said...

used to live in the hell hole that is Croydon think i saw Magistrate Gerald Ellis in Lidels car park with Nick Rossy . Heard rumors about Gerald Ellis Croydon and his true motive in associating with black causes. Think Roger Casement and Trevor Huddlstone. Also Gerald Ellis Croydon has powerful friends think the elites protection MP Cyril Smith
contact me

david brown said...

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