Saturday, 26 April 2014


Only a few have arrived... so far.

Prince Charles with his concern for ethnic diversity will expect at least one Dalek to be recruited as a Sentry at Buckingham Palace.

Coming soon Dalek History month in schools.

As the BBC are concerned about the Prom's being in the actual words of one of its bosses " dangerously English " a Dalek will be singing Rule Britannia at the 2014 Prom's.

Dalek joins the Prince Trust. Hailed as an empowering role model for those involved in gang culture.

Ignore racist scaremongers who go round claiming that the Daleks are busy building a dimensional vortex so Daleks can arrive as an army from planet Skaro.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Take a Sunday morning drive in Barking. On the car radio Telstar is playing. All the people you see on the street look the same people you might see in an old black and white TV film series. You pull in at a Petrol Service station. The Petrol Pump Man is ready to top up. A big sign says Green Shield stamps. Seems you have driven into the Twilight Zone.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Vince Cable  his adviser's and the Government did not make a mistake in under valuing the shares by over a billion. That was the deliberate intention . So that the spiv pals of theirs would make millions. Also a nice high paying City Adviser Job is going to be on the CV of the people who acted in the interests of the spivs.

You could rewrite all sorts of things this way  E.G  Kristallnacht 1938 German Government fails to protect Jewish Homes and Businesses .