Saturday, 31 July 2010


In October Sky starts its 3D service - their are no plans as yet for any of the adult channels to go 3D. Here is a window of oppertunity high definition 3D DVD discs - will work on the new 3D System. The equipment costs for making the films either the quality euro stuff with attractive cast /preformers and the so called "home made" reality stuff is easily avaliable and useable. The subject matter itself is ideally suited for 3D. Of course it would be shot in both 18R restricted to licenceced sex shops and softer 18 version -less close ups but still in 3D dimensions.

Do not forget there is also a thing called 4D -which has some physical sensor effects - used at theme parks and visitor attractions.

the stewerdesses 3d trailer is on

Friday, 30 July 2010

Ideas for free - caution adult stuff -reader discretion

This is not my sort of thing - just some free ideas for those interested in the "sex industry."

1 - The 3D film of the last centuary which made the most money was 1970S The Stewarderesses - a sex comady about the sexual adventures of an air hostess. Its now being re-released and you can find the 3D trailer on

Forget up market more exclusive

This would require capital investment - A bargin version of Ann Summers - - Everything in these female friendly high street shops is way over priced. In these credit crunch times when even Waitrose has an economy range. An everything 4.99 p shop version of Ann Summers pitched mainly at the Sharon and Tracy market . Ann Summers almost everything they sale -ok maybe excluding life size sheep model - could easily be sourced , if a cheaper made version, and sold at £4.99 . Look at what can do - what we are talking about is essentially cheap plastic and cheaply made in Banggladesh garments . It should take in account lower class tastes - such as panchent for black men <500,000 href=""> > and that many of the customers are dimensionally challenged. As in the original fat slags Sharon & Tracy.

Note in The Sun -30th July they profiled maximuse a womens breasts bras - the Ann Summers Kissing Cleavage was £22 -rated above it as better product the Primark -maximise your assets £6.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Whole Worlds A Stage -and in their time everyones a target

Neil -updated dvd list

Mata Hari update -my code word for deceitful & devious women , femme fatales and female agents. Number one search today is for attractive Dallas blonde Anna Fermanova arrested for trying to smuggle a night vision site to Russia.

Re of course as its embaressed the US and its allies /dupes they are going to claim its putting lives at risk. The files do give specific names and locations down to precise GPS of informents. Maybe some of them will be terminated by US covert forces to discredit wikileaks.

Many commentators on say have rightly said that its the politicians who have pointlessly put our forces in danger, when there is no strategic or economic interest of the UK involved. The whole history of Afghanistan makes an overwhelming case to leave. Even internet conspiracy theorists have been unable to come up with a reason for British forces to be there -no vital pipeline or crucial mineral or theoretical threat to the UK.

I have not seen this suggested -but in a way wikpedia leaks may put troops lives at risk. Some Afghan collateral damage - such as dead or maimed women and children - has been caused by US and other troops, not as reprisals, but out of boredom in an X-box sort of way. Remember the utube clip of the helicopter shooting up targets with audiable commentery that it was done for entertainment .

If the full extent of civilian casualties becomes known the military may come under pressure to minimize them in doing so puting our troops at greater risk. Often normal policy is to shoot a village up, shell it , or bomb it to rubble then go in . Not send in soldiers first who risk becoming targets. That was the exchange rate -put the lives of your soldiers before some other nations civilians . Note how Isreal is condemend over Gaza for doing this. During World War 11 the British and Americans killed by bombing tens of thousands of civilians in occupied territories , some 70,000 or more French civialians alone.

That is the nature of war. We expect our country to put the lives of our troops before those of some other nations non-combatants .


This is just my own take. When the Cold War ended - The Brosnon Bond series was launched with a trailer - " A new world with new dangers. "

ITV once had a soap/drama set in the world of a wealthy family and their servents called Upstairs -Downstairs . The series spanned some three decades from 1901 to the 1930s.
The characters , some in there 50s when it started never aged . But the outer social world did -in the 1930s there where still millions in domestic service.

Tarzan was created almost 100 years ago -set in a Fantasy Africa as remote to most people as the same authors adventures stories set on Mars. Up until the late 1960s the Tarzan films and the 1966 tv series where set in then contemporary times - Tarzan belongs now in the past colonial era and almost all the post 1960 s films Greystoke , Tarzan And The Lost City , Disneys animated Tarazan and TV series spin off and TV series Tarzan the Epic Adventures are set 1n the 1920S.

Jane Austin while set in a specific period -early 19th Centuary -does transpose to some other times and locations such as Bollywood films Bride & Predjuidice or new Emma. Some Dickens would work in India as well - Slumdog Oliver or David Copperfield making stuff for poundland.

I have never liked the Shakspheare stuff -where they USE not story but words of actual play -set in modern times. The exeption being the Romeo & Juliet -with DiCapprio- shifted from Verona to 1990s Venice Beach . It was probably the best version -and they seemed close to the right ages unlike those crap versions where the 17? year olds where played by thirty something actors.

I could not watch the 1930S England set , Richard 111 - Was it science fiction in some parallel earth? Even that the 1954 version was far to much like a play not a film. If someone gets drowned in a wine vat we should get a point of view shot , as they had enacting the scene in Theatre Of Blood. In general i don't want to see Hamlet in the present day , or the Scotish play but the Jewish one might work in the world of Goldman Sachs and Lehman brothers.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

tilting at windmills -don quixote

First Brian who is very good at ID closet Gays - Says that apparent football hunk Christiano Ronaldo is really gay and that he is normally relaxing on the beach with his buddies -until papperazi appear then he ensure that they are surounded by beach babes. His latest as cover has been to suddenly admit that he is the father of a child with a waitress he only briefly meet . As she is getting a big pay off from a rich man she is sure to be happy to act as a decoy.

I once said that Jack Straw- previous posting- was the most dangerous man in Britian . He has a replacement coalition energy secretery Huhne .
This rich nutjob is against nuclear power. Which we urgently need for our future energy needs - our current power stations now old and worn out. We have a population well over 70 million and a computer dependent set up.

France has long run its energy needs by nuclear power plants and even exports energy -including to us. What are we meant to do rely on pathetic windmills . So called alternative energy is like alternative medican or alternative comady -mainly shit.

Does this country -or at least the liberal elite -have a death wish -?

We increase the population of one of the three most -per square mile -populated nations on the planet by immigration all adding to our food and energy needs at the same not taking steps to provide for our energy needs.

The original Green - was Pol Pot who dreamed of returning to an agrerian "utopia" year zero.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The current articles by former US treasury and Ragen adviser Paul Craig Roberts make pretty clear how imminent may be the collapse of the US as a globel economic power. Probably as swift as the fall of the USSR.

Doubt however that this connects to the hyped so called Mayen prophecy of doom in 2012, in the tradition of 1992 Jupiter effect , or Nostradamus and 1999 , as these are probably the Mayan warning about the London Olympics.

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Right Thing To Do

The release of the alleged Lockabrie Bomber. Even if the US official version was remotly true, as if , we should adopt the Machevelian morality of spy fiction- The lesser evil for the greater good. It is in clear British interest to do deals with Lybia.
Recall -when in the 1980s the US wanted to bomb Tripolli -to try and assassinate Gaddafi - only dumb Britian ,out of the EU, let the US use our airspace. Gaddafi responded by donating to the IRA. In a movie worthy of some Mata Hari femma fatale The Americans then totaly double crossed us - Noraid!
As a globally trading nation , see Cameron & Cos intelligently planned India trade mission trip, Britian should only do what's in its economic and strategic interests -the two are entwined.
We can't pick and choose clients on account of their in-human rights record. For Historic reasons competitors Japan and Germany do not have much of a military related equipment trade. We are number two- Good.
Most of the ethical types are hypocriates -its never their job , income or security on the line. They just ask others to suffer the consequences of their idealism. EG who usually gets the Ayslum seekers next door. Let Geldolf, Bono , The Milburn brothers ect sell all their vast wealth stashed away in tax havens and give it to the poor. They will get bonus points on their Heaven reward card and maybe cannonisation by the Pope.

SHERLOCK HOLMES - the new BBC 21ST centuary set Sherlock, based on the character of Holmes, actually worked and was well thought out. Most of the 1930S AND 1940s Holmes films had been modernised but then the films where no further away in time from the original stories then the Bond films today are from Fleming's books. It was just that the changes in the 1930s world from the 1880 S where more striking -planes, cars, electric light , radio and cinema.

There was once a tv spoof in late 1970S - Holmes and Watson are rushing along Ealing Broadway . Holmes " Whats the time? -" Replies Watson " 15.32 14 TH August 1978 . Responds Holmes " Watson, I fear we may be to late."

More to come on which time zone stories should be set . King Arthur in an imaginary 12TH Centuary era or a realistic 5th Centuary?

Saturday, 24 July 2010


i am reluctant to add comment on the Jon Venables cases as almost every angle has been covered. Incidentially you can find their true id's on Australian web sites - or e-mail MXI@V.GG
they where given generic common names to make key word searching harder.

When this recent case hit the headlines -would be mobs with flaming torches - started posting on Facebook - often Identifing compeatly the wrong people or falsely someone they had a grudge against. I posted the following question on some of the biggest facebook sites - "There have been a number of cases where adults have tortured then / and or brutally murdered children eg The case of Gary Davis -15 years or the McWilliams who only served four years - why are you not also engaged in would be vigilante action against them. Is it more down to the high profile of this case . "

No one on these sites responded with a reply to this question.

As with Myra Hyndly - the establishments great fear is that if she had been released - she might have been killed and a jury subsequently refused to return a guilty verdict against the perpetrator.

other topics: No connection to the game -gangs of london - but this site provides a guide to the real london gangs celebrate diversity and join up.

Decided against posting account my meeting with The Huntress but not as intense as what she did to mistress-switch
but you can e-mail me

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cold Wars

Neil -dont forget to copy Clash Of Dinosaurs onto disc tonight - re can not work this out it seems like it was a con they have ignored messages i have used facebook agents to put on their wall - assume that others can go to this outfits facebook page and read them . What is the con for to get a modest $ sign up fee or to get peoples credit cards because they have gone to a lot of effort - we only used pay as you go card. Also it seems targeted at Indians in US and India.

Tried some of that exqusite superb tasting Italian gelato ice cream in shop near Berwick Street Market. Its about ten times better in taste than most of the stuff you get in the supermarkets , including the preminum - by which they mean higher priced stuff -sludge like Ben & Jerrys and Haagen Daz.

check these out
of course the portions are much smaller in cost ratio then what you get in France, Italy Switzerland ect.

The thing is in the UK their is a long tradition of crap ice cream so real ice cream can be sold at much higher prices then in Europe. Until sterlings 20 % devaluation Haagen Daz - despite German sounding name its owned by US food congomalet General Mills was half the price in France where the stuff sold in the UK is manufactured. My theory is like Ben & Jerrys the price is kept artificially high because of all the Chaves whose idea of luxuary is pizza delived to the door and those outlets all stock the premuim stuff at about 4.50 a carton. The only time its at a fair price is when the supermarkets do a two for one promotion or half price offer. The range especially on the fruit based ones is generally inferior to that of elsewhere. But our shops stock lots of con ice cream - eg Carte D'or -prententious shit from Unilever which advertises real vanilla or greek yoghurt and huney on the lids but is made of reconstituted milk powder , vast amount of air whipped up and 0.1 % percent of advertised quality ingrediants.

Who remembers traditional British ice cream of far off days -when it was almost entirly crap ripping of the public. Most of it was controlled Godfather style by near duo-opoly Lyons Maid and Walls . Walls originally a sausage maker got into ice cream to utalise pig fat later switching to vegtable fat. Today so long as its got 1% milk they are allowed to call it ice cream . For decades Walls used to buy up small Italian and Cornish /Devon run firms producing superior product then descretly close them down. They where also main suppliers to Glasgwegian and other gangs who used enforcers , including arson and murder to protect the turfs of ice cream vans .

Remember the rule -lmost any food solid from a van to the public is shit sold by scum to fools at rip off prices.

Baskin -Robbins , Ben & Jerrys sometimes do ice cream flavours with evocotive US names such as Vermont maple pecan and New England Winterwonderland. Latest is new Urban flavour - Detroit Drive By- a mash of mango's and bannanas . Caution packed in a factory contening African-Amercicans may include traces of Amyl nitrate and cordite.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Willy Whopper

Geoff - some are found on google videos but not one i want - all the Willy Whopper toons, which are in the public domain , are avaliable on an download service, these items seem to be free . Only catch its only avaliable in the States. Had this before when New York Times blocked uk readers from accessing story on how the chemical in drinks Walter Muhameds had the intention but lacked the smarts to blow in- flight hole in plane. At the time Labour -ex-communist party member -Home secretery Reid hyped the threat to divert attention from Labours failure to deport forign criminals after serving their sentence.

The US sites know when its coming from a UK server. Maybe i can access it via proxy server which i used to register and buy stuff from which restricts to US and Canada .
Otherwise will have to get someone in US to download to disc .

Gangster film company Warners also have some stuff avaliable for paid download but again restricted to US, that i want eg The post Weismuller Tarzan films.

On the subject of blocking Pakistan was recently in the news for blocking via its servers access to Facebook and other sites over a draw a cartoon of Mohamed site some people set up on facebook.

ok -this is not a willy whopper- on the US Fox news site is a story based on the search records of google which shows which country has the most searches for pornography - its Pakistan - moreover more people are searching there for child sex material then anywhere else. It also has more searchs , and the highest percentage of sex porn searches , for animal sex. As in searching for sex with horses, human sex with dogs -an unlean animal in the Koran.

Still we discover something new everyday- praise be to Allah.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Bin liner with an eye slit

Daily Mail Headline Tory Women says Burka empowers women - yes that crap sociology word Empower - is that not applicable to comic book superheroes.

Everyone knows the real reason the wear the Burka. Its not to hide their usually high reading on the Gorgon meter - features. Nor is it from the Koran -which simply demands modesty in dress -No the reason is self evident -as with the KKK outfit it is physcologically menacing. So some have taken this and are promoting it. Especially those Mullahs who are setting up Islamic enclaves in our England.

In the movie El Cid -the muslim army are depicted with their faces masked but for the eyes to enhance the menacing look. On the R1 two disc import there is a groveling appology over this. Where are Richard Coeur-De Lion , Charles Martell when we need them?

Re Mail story -women our at their sexual peak at 30 plus - or thats what the really meant to say. Posters said Christine Bleakly looks older then her claimed 31 years -pictures are hotter on google images.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

enigma of mata hari

For the real women sort of- check out wikpedia. But why let facts get in the way of the myth of the ultimate spy seducteress, of exotic eastern sexual techniques, whom men go out of their senses for and betray their secrets. The fantasy persona was mainly created by the 1931 movie. I avoided buying it in HMV- the Garbo collection set sale at £8 - as checking its the later cut US re-release. Deleating the pre-code opening an erotic, with nudity, sinous dance by Mata Hari around a shimmering Shiva statue.
Also cut in the US is the euro 1985 film starring Sylvia Kristel , which has authentic period detail but has been shorn of its verious sex and orgy scenes.
End note the episode Mata Hari from TVs Young Indiana Jones was pretty hot for US TV . In 1917 in reality she was well past her prime. A fantasisit who had created her own legend.

Friday, 16 July 2010

instant Pain Ray - avaliable on e-bay?

The US has just shipped its pain ray to Afghanistan - its sort of like a large micro wave mounted on an armoured truck. Once it hits a rioting crowd the ray heats the water and fat molecules in their skin- a two second zap can heat the skin to 54c. Creating the sensation of burning all over or melting in the heat. Yet its none lethal and does no physical damage. It transmits a beam of millmetre waves- highest radio frequency band- which heats the water and fat molecules in the skin. That ceases when the targets run out of its way or its turned off.

The ray penetrates less then 0.04 of the targets skin layer, doing no demage to deeper located nerve endings or blood vessals. Instant pain but no physical damage. The uk goverment should have used this in Belfast last week -but probably risk of compansation claims from those Sub-Human rights scaming lawers.

American action shows such as The Unit, 24 and so on frequently depict interrogation scenes using electrical stuff, high voltage no ampage or veriants on waterboarding . Both used in real life because they cause extreme effects on the subject without leaving any embarresing evidence of torture.

ps two and a half million Muslims are "threatening" to quit Facebook unless 4 pages denouncing Facebook are taken down . This is a continuation of when some people did a draw Mohamed page . Could we make changes to our country which would have 2.5 million Muslims "threaten" to leave.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


What is good and bad taste . A couple of years back a guy went on a website -webcam audiance and announced his intention of hanging himself . The next day he did just that before an audiance. It got major media coverage but they avoided showing any pictures. I pulled a frame grab someone had posted on a web site and e-mailed it to a few of my contacts .

A couple said it was offensive. Maybe it was. Yet our popular newspapers are frequently full off sensationalist accounts of the deaths victims of crimes and bizzare accidents that must have been distressing to relatives. What was the justification a few days back of printing a picture in the press of an attractive 30 year old single women with an account of how she had a rare heart condition and had died while using a dildo on herself.

One person i gave the hanged guy picture to - who was interested in some nasty stuff and torture movies like Hostel / Saw later used it with malice to others in order to create a nasty impression of me. Maybe to justify decitful actions.

daily mail /facebook

The Daily Mail has front page denouncing Facebook over the Moat tribute page. Yes its not very nice that a vicious thug who has blinded a decent police officer has some 30,000 plus fans -some expressing the view that he was right to try and kill "his cheating ex" or pity he had not killed a few policemen. However the majority of readers comments on th Mail Web site say , i think rightly that so long as their is nothing illegal then its free speech. However unpleasnt we might find these people and their adulation of this thug. Moreover it tells the rest of us just how many unpleasent retards live among us.

However would it also be ok to have a Facebook page calling for a stop to Somalians entering the UK. ? It could compare them with people from Ghana - who are generally lawabidding and have a work ethic. It could state the facts - list the numerous violent incidents involving Somalians -including Police killings , terrorist acts, rapes ect. Also that 50% - along with the other three largest UK Muslim groups are unemployed. So we import more when the ones here will double their numbers by birth rates.

Or would this be something not allowed on Facebook - if so why not.

Greece -considers Albanians include undesirables - not knowing which ones - it makes an effort to keep them all out.

Greek Playboy & Journalist Taki " Cherie Blair, one of the ugliest women i have meet , they would not even employe her in an Albanian Bordello ."

Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Which story is the most depresive - The A Human Pit Bull Roal Moat - child beater , brutal wife beater, drug dealing nightclub bouncer, who stalked andshot an unarmed police officer in the face, was not just a hero to Northumberland underworld but thousands of people on Facebook - 27,800 at the last count check it out -Raul Moat RIP Legend .
Or is it -that Anna Chapman the Russian hottie has had her UK passport revoked. Remember she would have probably passed on her looks and intelligence to any children. Yet we have an ugly Somalian, are not 99% of them , living on housing benefit with his brood of eight so far in a 2million mansion. When my sister lived on the edge of Southall, Somalians moved in. Both my nephews where mugged by them and the ones next door had all sorts of stuff -new carpeting put in by the social. The Details, until leaked and addmitted to of tenancy agreements for housing ayslum seekers and what was being provided -had landlords having to sign the official secrets act.

A Leading German banker said recently that all the migrants would make Germany a less intelligent and less succesfully nation. What will it do to us -we already have a low intelligeant white underclass producing a disproportionate share of babies. Whithout importing Somalians -who are by family size alone increasing at an exponential rate.

Bromley born author HG Wells was one who warned of breed and racial degeneration. His solution , sort of what some want with mangy urban foxs a degree extreme. But is now not the time to re-evalute some soft eugenics - say promotion by stealth of sterilisation of drone breeders after the second child.

Coming up my account of Betts Park -where just such people walk their weapon-dogs.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

no post today however

As an alternative to the filtered and spun news of the BBC check the links to news stories on

Human Pitball Moat recieved some 14,000 so far tributes on Facebook - it was the wrong place leave messages on cyber cemetary www.gonetoabetterplace,

Monday, 12 July 2010

dvd list stuff to be added to my collection.


Saw 3d
Pirahna 3d
Horrors Of The Black Museum
Vampire Lovers
Lust For A Vampire
legend Of The Werewolf -avaliable as torrent no dvd release
Italian - Castle Of Blood b/w Long Hair Of Death b/w Black Sabbeth
tv - Tales From The Crypt as disc rips
Forever Knight
Supernaturel Seasons -5-7
True Blood Seasons 1/2/3
She Wolf Of London
Vampire Diarys Season 1/2
Tales Of Mystery & Immagination ITV classic series
tales of Frankenstein b/w pilot
alligator people R1
lost boys 2/3
anaconda /4
island of lost souls 2009
wake witch
my soul to take

Aquaman pilot
Fantastic Four -unreleased 1994 movie no perfect copy
Night Man -people in US have copies direct tv to disc


TV Secret Diary Escort Girl Season 2/3/4
Reilly Ace Of Spies
Beyond Rangoon
Hobsons Choice b/w
Happy Valley tvm no official release

Sword Of Lancelot -spanish widescreen release la Espada De Lancelot
Knights Of The Teutonic Order -Polish epic
War And Peace -Russian 1965/66
The Borgias 2010
John Adams
Tudors Season 3/4
War &; Peace bbc version 1972
Warlord -widescreen
Quo Vadis -2 Disc
Ten Commandments TVM 2006
Olaf avaliable this is lap original aka Pathfinder not US PC re-working
Sign Of The Cross b/w pre -code uncut edition
last Days Of Pompaii b/w 1935 avaliable as torrent
viva villa b/w
man who laughs 1928
pendragon -sword of his father
Camalot  2010


The Winter War
Secret Army Season 3 or all
Lebanon- Soldiers Journey
attack on Darfur

Red Cliff
Shinjuka Incident

Ulysses 1951
Hercules And The Captive women-widscreen
Adventures Of Sinbad Seasons1/2  have ep dtv
Dark Knight season 2

Red Sun -Widescreen
Union Pacific b/w
Maginificent Seven Season 2
Day Of The Evil Gun -R1
Rawhide Season 3 or all


Neill if you can find VHS copy Sword Of Lancalot as all dvd copies are full frame public domain prints

na komette aka off on a comet
lost World -season 3
Dinosaurus widescreen have 16.9

Primevil  seasons 4/5

Last Dinosaur -tvm 1977 live action not Denver
One Million BC 1940 B/W not hammer remake also -Untamed Women /King Dinosaur made of stock from this
Land Of The Lost 1992 -only exists as VHS
Dragons or Dinosaurs -this is on Youtube

TARZAN avaliable in US special order and encryption
lost Safari -scope
Three Challenges -scope
Tarzan's Peril
Tarzans Magic Fountain
Tarzan's Greatest Adventure

Crack In The World -widescreen
Seaquest Season 3  not released on dvd
Land Of The Giants
Invisble Man 2000 have some ep
V seasons 1/2- 2010
New Outer Limits
Terminator Season 2
Doctor Who original - Dalek Chase/ Planet Daleks/ Keys Maranus /Deadly Assassin
Star Fleet - puppets
Space Patrol -b/w have 6EP
Medusa Touch -may be torrent-have f/f disc
Logans Run -have tcm
Colossus-The Forbin Project
Harryhausen colourised project - Things To Come /
She -1935 /
-The Most Dangerous Game

damnation ally
the power


b/w -
Monster From Green Hell
Mole People
Giant Claw
Flying Saucer
Man From Planet X
Tower Of London
Alligator People-widescren
Beggining Of The End
It Conquered The World
Return Of The Vampire 1944
Siren Of Atlantis
Uninvited 1944
Supernatruel 1932
Murders In The Zoo 1932
Monolith Monsters

Deluge  1932

colour -
Navy Vs The Night Monsters
Mantango-Attack of The Mushroom people-widescren
Mighty Peking Man -widescren
War Of Gargantus-widesceen
Space Ameoba -widescreen

Doctor Syn 1939
Return Of Bulldog Drummond
Knight Without Armour -avaliable in Spain
Blue Angel -2disc
Narrow Margin-1951 version
Queen Of Spades
Sherlock Holmes 1932 and Sleeping Cardinal
Daughter Of The Dragon 1932
Chu Chow Chin

silents- Die Nibelgung
Phantom Carriage
Peter Pan
man who laughs


Wild Geese 11

Sharkys Machine

TV - wanted rips all the Avengers have some and dtv copies
Huney West b/w have most episodes ex TV
The Unit Season 4 is final season
SoF -Soldier Of Fortune - only season 2 avaliable on rare Asian dvd
Untouchables Season 1 b/w
Young Indiana Jones series 1-3
Hawaii Five 0 original series - all Wo Fat episodes OR all seasons

SHERLOCK HOLMES - -Masks Of Death /Crucifer Of Blood probably only from VHS source

Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Justice League
Chuck Jones-Tom and Jerry Widescreen

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Yeah, i know i have weird stuff in my head sometimes , so the Mata Hari not Anna or the real one who was shot as a spy had some weird stuff in her brain to.

The Goverment has announced that the next census will be the UK's last. In future they will collect in the data from other sources such as credit reference agencies. Not that a census might actually tell the people things ,say the true size of the population they do not want the people to know.

Wo thats really crazy - released Mata Hari Anna Chapman wants to come back to England, but there are reports that the home office is looking at ways of blocking her return -she has a British passport via marriage. Are they made a babe who can only brighten things up -maybe produce attractive daughters . Yet the let in all those ugly Muslim women , who are off the scale on readings on the Gorgon meter. Moreover i see them with their broods of ugly replicents spending their social handouts .

I am racist except for when i go down Croydon and see all the hot , long legged short skirted African Babes . Really Ali G had the right idea in his movie debut -let the babes in and keep the dogs out.

Friday, 9 July 2010

mata hari -

So the other Mata Hari is part of the biggest spy swap since the end of the cold war. see Daily Mail online. I agree 100% with this readers comment. " the reason men lust after Anna is not just because she is fit, because she is intelligent and you know because she is well dirty. What more could a bloke want. OK to be fair I would wonder if she was on MSN arranging my untimely death but that is a risk I would take. Rather Anna than that dim Cheryl Curl, thats for sure." Scot Mitchel .Scotland.

roadside shrines

Watched Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory on TV last night - at some point will write up my take - Is there a conspiracy behind the promotion of popular conspiracy theories?

I remember years ago walking along a wooded road near Soll , Austria and every so often coming across these small catholic imagery shrine boxes marking the spot of a road fatality. Austria has some of the worst rates in Europe.

Also watched a sensitive documentry -In Loving Memory, on the modern phenomena of placing flowers and stuff close to the spot where somone, usually young has died in a road accident . Also stabbings and drive-bys in some parts of London. I do wish people would along with the cards it became form for someone to type up and print out at note of explanation for curious passers by. Alao what is appropiate to leave at the scene - if someone has been flattened by a steamroller or Tescos lorry should it be pressed flowers.

Maybe some entanperuer could link up with a local pizza deliver service. Sort of like Interflora - dial Angels Flowers they send a bike messenger to the scene of the tragedy to lay a bouquest. As with Pizza they would be avaliable in small, medium and large but giveng more suitable names eg large would be Ultimate Radiance Forever.

sort of conected have you heard this song being played on the radio the last couple of weeks By Just Jack "the day that I died was the best day of my life."

Thursday, 8 July 2010

does this refer to blair?

Among the best things on the daily mail and telegraph websites are the verious , not to moderated readers comments. You ofeten get people saying the Blair and Brown should be charged with treason.

in Metro 8th July -the free paper- metro mail on Queens role is letter " if we replaced the Queen with some glassy eyed, dullered ex-hippy sitting smugley in a president's office and greeting foreign dignitaries with limp-wristed handshakes we would still have to fund the palaces ect, I know which i would prefer."

When i looked at Garys absolute blog it seemed so banal sort of a modern Diary Of A Nobody . At least if often misspelt i have original thoughts .
but who am i , for i am humbled by the sheer brilliance of read its article on the Merchant Of Venice or the posting on how extreme following of football gives meaning to empty lives.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fu Manchu -the world shall hear from me again

my own life is to dull -so the next postings will be Fu Manchu , Mata Hari , Vampires Vs Werewolves , people revel their secrets on facebook, my coming visit to my major commercial project utalising facebook fan site contacts.

Chances are you are reading this on a PC or laptop assembled in China. Way back in 1993 -in pre e-mail times - I sent some of you an article by the American writer and historian Gore Vidal in which he lemanted the decline of US education and America itself. He said that the key fact at the end of the 20th Centuary would be the reconstruction of China.

Today China is the worlds number one manufacturing nation, exporting nation and largest economy. Having overtaking America, Germany and Japan. It is building some of the worlds tallest buildings, a high speed rail network , and is only the third nation to have put a man into space. It intends to go to the moon and then Mars.

China is also moving in by stealth on Africa, first to gain access to strategic minerals , colbat, zinc, diamonds , and noboubt one day plans on colonising Africa for itself.

Americas day will soon be done, with its massive trade surpluss China holds the mortgage on America. Beijing is using its US dollar surplus to buy up key items such as Venezuelan oil reserves . The reason there are all those buy your gold for cash companies advertising is that China is also buying up all the gold it can as hedge for when the dollar ceases to be a globel trading currency.

Napoleon said " China a sleeping giant, let him sleep on for when he awakes he will shake the world."

Will he shake the world. Is China the nation who the Bible says will field an army of 200 MILLION in a game of globel conquest. Where the social darwinists of the 19th Centuary right when they said that one day there would be a battle between the white and yellow races for control of the planet?. EG Jack London- the unparalled invasion.

I always enjoyed the un-pc Fu Manchu films based on the Sax Rohmar books - Doctor No and Jonny Quests Dr Zin are losley inspired by Fu.

The early silent and sound ones eg Daughter Of The Dragon are slow moving but the pre-code 1932 Mask Of Fu Manchu is amazing . Emphasising torture - including his daughter getting orgasmic as she watches the white man she has the hots for whipped.
Fu intends to gain the relics of Genghis Khan to unite the entire Asian world then "we will kill all the white men and mate with all their women."

The republic serial Drums Of Fu Manchu was one of the best serials ever. The 1960s series with Christopher Lee as Fu started off splendidly with the Face Of Fu Manchu , but each of the four sequels declined from the previous one. All ended with
him saying " the world shall hear from me again." Seems it will ......

In a way we are for Fu was a symbol of Eastern Asia - a kind of less individualistic society with a hive mind and directing organising intelligence. The Chinese ruling elite , all of whom are engineers, believe in Eugenics - the science of race improvment and domination. According to Professor Lynn and Proff J.Philippe Rushton the yellow people tend to have smaller penises then other races , slightly bigger brains making them on average more intelligent Oriontal people are on average much closer in intellegiance to each other -they really are more alike - against westerners who range from stupid at one end of the curve to smartest of all, at the other.

To whom does the future control of the earth belong?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

plan b

BANKRUPT BRITIAN -what if the US economy tanks - or the Spanish banks given that Santander own some UK ones. What is contingancy plan B

1 In an economic crises of the 1920s the goverment passed the geddes act or some such name and cut the wages of all state employees by some 15% , it caused a near mutiny in the navy. Dole was cut to. Freezing wages and benefits until inflation reduces their value is to slow. Just cut then use the threat of serious social unrest as the pretext to recall the army from Iraq and Afghanistan .

Greece is selling off remote Islands and Italy Mountains. At fixed price or nearest offer . OK we could sell off Britians best views - lake district or Highlands.

A much better scheme SELL STUFF ON E-BAY. think its the Asian billionaires who have the most spare cash.

The stuff in the British Museum , it could never be sourced to day with all the restrictions on antiquaties leaving their location. No point in letting the Greeks buy back the Elgin Marbles as they dont have any money. But lots of Asian billionairs would bid for the treasures horded by the British Museum.

Don't bother upgrading Tridant- the nuclear sub-defence system. We cant afford it. What is it that Bond villians do - the steal say a prototype death ray and offer to sell it to the highest bidder. So sell Tridant on e-bay. Screw the Americans who are plotting to screw us over BP. Only sell it for gold. My guess is that the worlds top exporting and manufacturing nation China will buy it off us . They want this system we need the money.

Monday, 5 July 2010

what is plan B?

First the woman i shall refer to as Mata Hari - seductive , exotic , manipulative and intelligent - the type of woman a man would do anything for. I did at some cost, find her true identity and could off gone on to uncover the full backstory. But my lips are forever sealed i will never disclose her true identity or write anything which could identify her. Gary is back on his blog - his thoughts are as interesting as my pugalistic skills.

You know not far away Conan Doyle lived at South Norwood where he wrote a Scandal In Bohemia in which "that women" Irene Adler got the better of the hero. Was it a draw between me and Mata Hari?

onto the big issue - David Cameron is seeking budget cuts of 40% - to save Britians triple A credit rating and the economy from imploding.

Previously on TV show BANKRUPT BRITIAN : A labour goverment was elected . Under a fog of spin and deception They set about the economic and demographic deconstruction of England. The Banking controls of the Bank of England are withdrawn. US banks start an exedus to the UK where they will be free from US regulations against reckless lending impossed during the great depression. The Clinton Administration repeals the US controls.

Gordon Brown raids Britians private pension funds , sells off half the nations gold reserves and bargin prices. A massive but unproductive spending spree is underway mainly in Labour hartlands of the North and thousands more state none productive drones are recruited .

The mass immigration- open borders policy has some 8 million migrants pour into one of the world most densly populated countries. France, Spain, Germany, Poland are all twice the size of the uk. This is an economic policy known as overcrowding . Drive up the price of property and you creat the credit base for private borrowing - private consumer debt in the UK is now about highest in the world. At the same time the labour goverment by this turn a modest trade surples into , as a percentage, the biggest peacetime trade deficet -imports over exports-in British History. As with the true numbers of immigrants much of Goverment debt being rung up is hidden. EG the PIF Public Iniative Finance - instead of new schools , hospitals being paid for out existing funds -they are funded by loans paid back over years and decades ahead by the private sector.

Towards the end the Queen was so concerned at the economic destruction, that for the first time ever a soveriagn had a private meeting with the governor of the bank of England.

Now the conclusion of Bankrupt Britian - Can Cameron by sacking state employees - over a million state jobs are going , by massive state spending cuts save the economy . We know this is the plan -lets call it plan A . But if thats not enough what is plan B? read my next posting to find out.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

99p cheaper than poundland

I quite like those 99p stores many of which have opened in those old woolworths buildings. Woolworths, which had once been nothing over sixpence had turned into pointless stores. The UK ones being the last outpost of the woolies Empire. Their stuff was mostly overpriced coke at 65p a can when its 3 cans for 99p , what was there apart from the big plastic toys imported from China that was a bargin -only time they made money was in the month lead up to Christmas. When they had the liquadation sale and reduced DVDs by 50% they where still avaliable elsewhere for less.

Much of the 99p store stuff is cheap crap made for them like those bargin cakes that you also get down the market. Some stuff like the coffee or tuna you may even get cheaper in supermarket basic ranges - we know their really is a credit crunch because even Waitrose have a basic cut price range.

However there are some real bargins like the end of line two litre bottles of those great Lloyd Grossman Sauce range. The 1.5 litre cartons of 22 fresh pressed Spanish oranges. Or three pairs of socks - Sainsburys charge £5. Note how supermarkets charge rip-off prices for blank dvd discs when the 99p store sells 4 in a pack.
99% of their dvd titles are crap but again occasional gems like Scum 2disc drama docu on Feltham Remand centre and Italian Horror classic Deep Red.

the 99p star have just applied for a drinks licence to sell Chav beer /lagas and end of line wine, wow.

thought police

Story Daily Mail 3 july special report - A black councillor called an Asian one a Coconut. US Boxing promoter Don King once used this term about Frank Bruno. Four officers from the so called hate crimes unit investigate. What these units really have become is Secret Police units. The true purpose of these cases say when some guy in rural England gets investigated for a minor public comment on ayslum seekers is this- its to send out a message to the public at large to be very carefull what they say about certain PC subjects. As along with CTV -Big Brother really is watching you -is that you do not know who is spying on you, so watch what you say in public. The legacy of New labour the criminalisation of free speech. What is the difference between these thought police and the NKVD/KGB.

also read the story about the insane failure to support a steel factory vital in the building of nuclear power plants. Which if we do not get soon you will be reading the internet by candle light.

Like this item in Telegraph by Simon Heffer -abriviated - "Russian spy totty would look good in a Bond film. Russia is a Mafia state run by gangsters, anyway perhaps this new tension will make for a better class of James Bond film. Through preferably without representations of Valdamir Putin stripped to the waist and branishing a sub-machine gun in one of those homoerotic poses he enjoys so much. Because whatever else he may be-the list is unsavoury- top international totty he isnt."

Friday, 2 July 2010

mata hari -the spy who shagged me

Press focus on the US Russian spy ring is out of all proportion to whats involved. A few years back via over a 1000 US based front companies the Chinesse engaged in a massive cyber and human insider pillage of US R&D both goverment and private companies. Which will help transfer technological, economic and ultimatly military power from West to East .The Smile on the face of the tiger as the Chinesse say.

In hottie Anna Chapman there is someone for the press hack to droll over - the smart seductive femma fatale , with pictures and former UK lovers, since discarded.
likeed the sun interview -the spy who shagged me. I know what that man meant . I lived with a very pretty but not smart women. Then there was Mata Hari - sensual, intelligent, artistic i think and devious.

I have allways liked the movie sub-genre of erotic film noir such as black Widow, body heat or the last seduction in which a man meeets a manipulative women that he would do anything for.

our real first amendement

With our extreme libel laws - a hangover from the days when the reputation of a landed aristocracy was more important the the loves of the common people to the recent attempts by the traitor party to criminalise free speech eg the incitment to religouse hatred bill we need a US style first amendment -
it exists sort of in the form of the internet .

read this

blueray scam

The blue ray disc have had only a fraction of market penetration in UK that they have had in UK. Yes the picture is better but its not comparable to the differance between low resolution VHS and DVD.

Of course the makers would like us to regard our DVDs as obsoleat and replace them all -given them yet a third chance after VHS and DVD to resale their library back catalouge. To encourage this they have cut back on the special bonus features-eg deleted scenes, making of , langauge options ,related documentries and now you can often only get them on the blue ray versions. This is nothing to do with storage capacity. Its like two disc versions of DVDs most could have been held on a single dual layer disc, but two discs version make it seem more so they can charge more.

The only ones i will by are the Disney masterpieces like Snow White with the special features and the 3D blue ray editions such as Final Destination 4 which do benafit from high definition.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

vanity all is vanity

and chasing after the wind. ok this is my blog spot its not for the public , no use of prime search words or going to be listed anywhere. As it happens i often post on and verious readers comments eg Daily Mail.

But is just for the people who know me, who i used to forward my comments to by e-mail .Now instead of it going maybe into their junk mail each day the can read my deep and intellectually profound thoughts on important subjects such as the best and worst Robin Hood films , the wonders of the 99p emporiams and why the labour party leadership should be indicted for High Treason.

Great that England was humiliated in the World Cup. Teaches the worshippers of the pagan cult of footie that they are being ripped of by a bunch of overpaid creeps via sports tv subscription costs, crap merchandise made in Pakistan sweet shops all to support the lifestyles of people most as overpaid, overated and as talent free as Ashley Cole's ex.

The Pesident of Nigeria had the right idea he has banned their failed team for two years. Saddam Hussian's son Uddy once went one better - the Iraq team failed to preform well so he had Bastindo inflicted on them.