Saturday, 10 July 2010


Yeah, i know i have weird stuff in my head sometimes , so the Mata Hari not Anna or the real one who was shot as a spy had some weird stuff in her brain to.

The Goverment has announced that the next census will be the UK's last. In future they will collect in the data from other sources such as credit reference agencies. Not that a census might actually tell the people things ,say the true size of the population they do not want the people to know.

Wo thats really crazy - released Mata Hari Anna Chapman wants to come back to England, but there are reports that the home office is looking at ways of blocking her return -she has a British passport via marriage. Are they made a babe who can only brighten things up -maybe produce attractive daughters . Yet the let in all those ugly Muslim women , who are off the scale on readings on the Gorgon meter. Moreover i see them with their broods of ugly replicents spending their social handouts .

I am racist except for when i go down Croydon and see all the hot , long legged short skirted African Babes . Really Ali G had the right idea in his movie debut -let the babes in and keep the dogs out.

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Anonymous said...

Watch the destruction of your country before your eyes. As reported in Sunday Mail and Sunday Times . A Somalian < Somali -a Muslim African /Indian hybrid> family of eight are living in a £2million, £8000 a month rent paid by your wellfare, home in Kensington.
This would not happen in any other Western or EU state. France confines them to tower blocks in outer city zones. Germany to Spartan hostels.
In South Africa the racist Zulu nation is using extreme violence to evict Zimbabean migrants.
My prediction after the UK hosted 2012 Olympics the Olympic village will be used as social housing for the migrants who sneak in as team supporters.