Friday, 2 July 2010

mata hari -the spy who shagged me

Press focus on the US Russian spy ring is out of all proportion to whats involved. A few years back via over a 1000 US based front companies the Chinesse engaged in a massive cyber and human insider pillage of US R&D both goverment and private companies. Which will help transfer technological, economic and ultimatly military power from West to East .The Smile on the face of the tiger as the Chinesse say.

In hottie Anna Chapman there is someone for the press hack to droll over - the smart seductive femma fatale , with pictures and former UK lovers, since discarded.
likeed the sun interview -the spy who shagged me. I know what that man meant . I lived with a very pretty but not smart women. Then there was Mata Hari - sensual, intelligent, artistic i think and devious.

I have allways liked the movie sub-genre of erotic film noir such as black Widow, body heat or the last seduction in which a man meeets a manipulative women that he would do anything for.

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