Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Which story is the most depresive - The A Human Pit Bull Roal Moat - child beater , brutal wife beater, drug dealing nightclub bouncer, who stalked andshot an unarmed police officer in the face, was not just a hero to Northumberland underworld but thousands of people on Facebook - 27,800 at the last count check it out -Raul Moat RIP Legend .
Or is it -that Anna Chapman the Russian hottie has had her UK passport revoked. Remember she would have probably passed on her looks and intelligence to any children. Yet we have an ugly Somalian, are not 99% of them , living on housing benefit with his brood of eight so far in a 2million mansion. When my sister lived on the edge of Southall, Somalians moved in. Both my nephews where mugged by them and the ones next door had all sorts of stuff -new carpeting put in by the social. The Details, until leaked and addmitted to of tenancy agreements for housing ayslum seekers and what was being provided -had landlords having to sign the official secrets act.

A Leading German banker said recently that all the migrants would make Germany a less intelligent and less succesfully nation. What will it do to us -we already have a low intelligeant white underclass producing a disproportionate share of babies. Whithout importing Somalians -who are by family size alone increasing at an exponential rate.

Bromley born author HG Wells was one who warned of breed and racial degeneration. His solution , sort of what some want with mangy urban foxs a degree extreme. But is now not the time to re-evalute some soft eugenics - say promotion by stealth of sterilisation of drone breeders after the second child.

Coming up my account of Betts Park -where just such people walk their weapon-dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Yes we should have some eugenic test run - we could start by using a sample group selected at random from the Moat Tribute page on . At the momment we actually subsidies the breeding of these people. Instead their should be some major disincentive say chemical castration .
These people themselves believe in selective breeding -you only have to look at a public park where the underclass - white and black - exercise their dogs. Veriants of aggressive powerfull weapon dogs which are specifically breed. We should be doing the same with people breeding attractive -intelligent ones and stop breeding lowlife Brutes