Saturday, 3 July 2010

99p cheaper than poundland

I quite like those 99p stores many of which have opened in those old woolworths buildings. Woolworths, which had once been nothing over sixpence had turned into pointless stores. The UK ones being the last outpost of the woolies Empire. Their stuff was mostly overpriced coke at 65p a can when its 3 cans for 99p , what was there apart from the big plastic toys imported from China that was a bargin -only time they made money was in the month lead up to Christmas. When they had the liquadation sale and reduced DVDs by 50% they where still avaliable elsewhere for less.

Much of the 99p store stuff is cheap crap made for them like those bargin cakes that you also get down the market. Some stuff like the coffee or tuna you may even get cheaper in supermarket basic ranges - we know their really is a credit crunch because even Waitrose have a basic cut price range.

However there are some real bargins like the end of line two litre bottles of those great Lloyd Grossman Sauce range. The 1.5 litre cartons of 22 fresh pressed Spanish oranges. Or three pairs of socks - Sainsburys charge £5. Note how supermarkets charge rip-off prices for blank dvd discs when the 99p store sells 4 in a pack.
99% of their dvd titles are crap but again occasional gems like Scum 2disc drama docu on Feltham Remand centre and Italian Horror classic Deep Red.

the 99p star have just applied for a drinks licence to sell Chav beer /lagas and end of line wine, wow.

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