Friday, 9 July 2010

roadside shrines

Watched Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory on TV last night - at some point will write up my take - Is there a conspiracy behind the promotion of popular conspiracy theories?

I remember years ago walking along a wooded road near Soll , Austria and every so often coming across these small catholic imagery shrine boxes marking the spot of a road fatality. Austria has some of the worst rates in Europe.

Also watched a sensitive documentry -In Loving Memory, on the modern phenomena of placing flowers and stuff close to the spot where somone, usually young has died in a road accident . Also stabbings and drive-bys in some parts of London. I do wish people would along with the cards it became form for someone to type up and print out at note of explanation for curious passers by. Alao what is appropiate to leave at the scene - if someone has been flattened by a steamroller or Tescos lorry should it be pressed flowers.

Maybe some entanperuer could link up with a local pizza deliver service. Sort of like Interflora - dial Angels Flowers they send a bike messenger to the scene of the tragedy to lay a bouquest. As with Pizza they would be avaliable in small, medium and large but giveng more suitable names eg large would be Ultimate Radiance Forever.

sort of conected have you heard this song being played on the radio the last couple of weeks By Just Jack "the day that I died was the best day of my life."

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