Thursday, 15 July 2010


What is good and bad taste . A couple of years back a guy went on a website -webcam audiance and announced his intention of hanging himself . The next day he did just that before an audiance. It got major media coverage but they avoided showing any pictures. I pulled a frame grab someone had posted on a web site and e-mailed it to a few of my contacts .

A couple said it was offensive. Maybe it was. Yet our popular newspapers are frequently full off sensationalist accounts of the deaths victims of crimes and bizzare accidents that must have been distressing to relatives. What was the justification a few days back of printing a picture in the press of an attractive 30 year old single women with an account of how she had a rare heart condition and had died while using a dildo on herself.

One person i gave the hanged guy picture to - who was interested in some nasty stuff and torture movies like Hostel / Saw later used it with malice to others in order to create a nasty impression of me. Maybe to justify decitful actions.

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