Monday, 19 July 2010

Bin liner with an eye slit

Daily Mail Headline Tory Women says Burka empowers women - yes that crap sociology word Empower - is that not applicable to comic book superheroes.

Everyone knows the real reason the wear the Burka. Its not to hide their usually high reading on the Gorgon meter - features. Nor is it from the Koran -which simply demands modesty in dress -No the reason is self evident -as with the KKK outfit it is physcologically menacing. So some have taken this and are promoting it. Especially those Mullahs who are setting up Islamic enclaves in our England.

In the movie El Cid -the muslim army are depicted with their faces masked but for the eyes to enhance the menacing look. On the R1 two disc import there is a groveling appology over this. Where are Richard Coeur-De Lion , Charles Martell when we need them?

Re Mail story -women our at their sexual peak at 30 plus - or thats what the really meant to say. Posters said Christine Bleakly looks older then her claimed 31 years -pictures are hotter on google images.

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Anonymous said...

Was not Bleakly the one in a Mail story identified on the web as making dubious rape allegations ?