Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cold Wars

Neil -dont forget to copy Clash Of Dinosaurs onto disc tonight - re can not work this out it seems like it was a con they have ignored messages i have used facebook agents to put on their wall - assume that others can go to this outfits facebook page and read them . What is the con for to get a modest $ sign up fee or to get peoples credit cards because they have gone to a lot of effort - we only used pay as you go card. Also it seems targeted at Indians in US and India.

Tried some of that exqusite superb tasting Italian gelato ice cream in shop near Berwick Street Market. Its about ten times better in taste than most of the stuff you get in the supermarkets , including the preminum - by which they mean higher priced stuff -sludge like Ben & Jerrys and Haagen Daz.

check these out
of course the portions are much smaller in cost ratio then what you get in France, Italy Switzerland ect.

The thing is in the UK their is a long tradition of crap ice cream so real ice cream can be sold at much higher prices then in Europe. Until sterlings 20 % devaluation Haagen Daz - despite German sounding name its owned by US food congomalet General Mills was half the price in France where the stuff sold in the UK is manufactured. My theory is like Ben & Jerrys the price is kept artificially high because of all the Chaves whose idea of luxuary is pizza delived to the door and those outlets all stock the premuim stuff at about 4.50 a carton. The only time its at a fair price is when the supermarkets do a two for one promotion or half price offer. The range especially on the fruit based ones is generally inferior to that of elsewhere. But our shops stock lots of con ice cream - eg Carte D'or -prententious shit from Unilever which advertises real vanilla or greek yoghurt and huney on the lids but is made of reconstituted milk powder , vast amount of air whipped up and 0.1 % percent of advertised quality ingrediants.

Who remembers traditional British ice cream of far off days -when it was almost entirly crap ripping of the public. Most of it was controlled Godfather style by near duo-opoly Lyons Maid and Walls . Walls originally a sausage maker got into ice cream to utalise pig fat later switching to vegtable fat. Today so long as its got 1% milk they are allowed to call it ice cream . For decades Walls used to buy up small Italian and Cornish /Devon run firms producing superior product then descretly close them down. They where also main suppliers to Glasgwegian and other gangs who used enforcers , including arson and murder to protect the turfs of ice cream vans .

Remember the rule -lmost any food solid from a van to the public is shit sold by scum to fools at rip off prices.

Baskin -Robbins , Ben & Jerrys sometimes do ice cream flavours with evocotive US names such as Vermont maple pecan and New England Winterwonderland. Latest is new Urban flavour - Detroit Drive By- a mash of mango's and bannanas . Caution packed in a factory contening African-Amercicans may include traces of Amyl nitrate and cordite.

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