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Fu Manchu -the world shall hear from me again

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Chances are you are reading this on a PC or laptop assembled in China. Way back in 1993 -in pre e-mail times - I sent some of you an article by the American writer and historian Gore Vidal in which he lemanted the decline of US education and America itself. He said that the key fact at the end of the 20th Centuary would be the reconstruction of China.

Today China is the worlds number one manufacturing nation, exporting nation and largest economy. Having overtaking America, Germany and Japan. It is building some of the worlds tallest buildings, a high speed rail network , and is only the third nation to have put a man into space. It intends to go to the moon and then Mars.

China is also moving in by stealth on Africa, first to gain access to strategic minerals , colbat, zinc, diamonds , and noboubt one day plans on colonising Africa for itself.

Americas day will soon be done, with its massive trade surpluss China holds the mortgage on America. Beijing is using its US dollar surplus to buy up key items such as Venezuelan oil reserves . The reason there are all those buy your gold for cash companies advertising is that China is also buying up all the gold it can as hedge for when the dollar ceases to be a globel trading currency.

Napoleon said " China a sleeping giant, let him sleep on for when he awakes he will shake the world."

Will he shake the world. Is China the nation who the Bible says will field an army of 200 MILLION in a game of globel conquest. Where the social darwinists of the 19th Centuary right when they said that one day there would be a battle between the white and yellow races for control of the planet?. EG Jack London- the unparalled invasion.

I always enjoyed the un-pc Fu Manchu films based on the Sax Rohmar books - Doctor No and Jonny Quests Dr Zin are losley inspired by Fu.

The early silent and sound ones eg Daughter Of The Dragon are slow moving but the pre-code 1932 Mask Of Fu Manchu is amazing . Emphasising torture - including his daughter getting orgasmic as she watches the white man she has the hots for whipped.
Fu intends to gain the relics of Genghis Khan to unite the entire Asian world then "we will kill all the white men and mate with all their women."

The republic serial Drums Of Fu Manchu was one of the best serials ever. The 1960s series with Christopher Lee as Fu started off splendidly with the Face Of Fu Manchu , but each of the four sequels declined from the previous one. All ended with
him saying " the world shall hear from me again." Seems it will ......

In a way we are for Fu was a symbol of Eastern Asia - a kind of less individualistic society with a hive mind and directing organising intelligence. The Chinese ruling elite , all of whom are engineers, believe in Eugenics - the science of race improvment and domination. According to Professor Lynn and Proff J.Philippe Rushton the yellow people tend to have smaller penises then other races , slightly bigger brains making them on average more intelligent Oriontal people are on average much closer in intellegiance to each other -they really are more alike - against westerners who range from stupid at one end of the curve to smartest of all, at the other.

To whom does the future control of the earth belong?

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