Saturday, 24 July 2010


i am reluctant to add comment on the Jon Venables cases as almost every angle has been covered. Incidentially you can find their true id's on Australian web sites - or e-mail MXI@V.GG
they where given generic common names to make key word searching harder.

When this recent case hit the headlines -would be mobs with flaming torches - started posting on Facebook - often Identifing compeatly the wrong people or falsely someone they had a grudge against. I posted the following question on some of the biggest facebook sites - "There have been a number of cases where adults have tortured then / and or brutally murdered children eg The case of Gary Davis -15 years or the McWilliams who only served four years - why are you not also engaged in would be vigilante action against them. Is it more down to the high profile of this case . "

No one on these sites responded with a reply to this question.

As with Myra Hyndly - the establishments great fear is that if she had been released - she might have been killed and a jury subsequently refused to return a guilty verdict against the perpetrator.

other topics: No connection to the game -gangs of london - but this site provides a guide to the real london gangs celebrate diversity and join up.

Decided against posting account my meeting with The Huntress but not as intense as what she did to mistress-switch
but you can e-mail me

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clue - first the golden fleece
clue -second A US law enforcer