Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Whole Worlds A Stage -and in their time everyones a target

Neil -updated dvd list

Mata Hari update -my code word for deceitful & devious women , femme fatales and female agents. Number one search today is for attractive Dallas blonde Anna Fermanova arrested for trying to smuggle a night vision site to Russia.

Re of course as its embaressed the US and its allies /dupes they are going to claim its putting lives at risk. The files do give specific names and locations down to precise GPS of informents. Maybe some of them will be terminated by US covert forces to discredit wikileaks.

Many commentators on say have rightly said that its the politicians who have pointlessly put our forces in danger, when there is no strategic or economic interest of the UK involved. The whole history of Afghanistan makes an overwhelming case to leave. Even internet conspiracy theorists have been unable to come up with a reason for British forces to be there -no vital pipeline or crucial mineral or theoretical threat to the UK.

I have not seen this suggested -but in a way wikpedia leaks may put troops lives at risk. Some Afghan collateral damage - such as dead or maimed women and children - has been caused by US and other troops, not as reprisals, but out of boredom in an X-box sort of way. Remember the utube clip of the helicopter shooting up targets with audiable commentery that it was done for entertainment .

If the full extent of civilian casualties becomes known the military may come under pressure to minimize them in doing so puting our troops at greater risk. Often normal policy is to shoot a village up, shell it , or bomb it to rubble then go in . Not send in soldiers first who risk becoming targets. That was the exchange rate -put the lives of your soldiers before some other nations civilians . Note how Isreal is condemend over Gaza for doing this. During World War 11 the British and Americans killed by bombing tens of thousands of civilians in occupied territories , some 70,000 or more French civialians alone.

That is the nature of war. We expect our country to put the lives of our troops before those of some other nations non-combatants .


This is just my own take. When the Cold War ended - The Brosnon Bond series was launched with a trailer - " A new world with new dangers. "

ITV once had a soap/drama set in the world of a wealthy family and their servents called Upstairs -Downstairs . The series spanned some three decades from 1901 to the 1930s.
The characters , some in there 50s when it started never aged . But the outer social world did -in the 1930s there where still millions in domestic service.

Tarzan was created almost 100 years ago -set in a Fantasy Africa as remote to most people as the same authors adventures stories set on Mars. Up until the late 1960s the Tarzan films and the 1966 tv series where set in then contemporary times - Tarzan belongs now in the past colonial era and almost all the post 1960 s films Greystoke , Tarzan And The Lost City , Disneys animated Tarazan and TV series spin off and TV series Tarzan the Epic Adventures are set 1n the 1920S.

Jane Austin while set in a specific period -early 19th Centuary -does transpose to some other times and locations such as Bollywood films Bride & Predjuidice or new Emma. Some Dickens would work in India as well - Slumdog Oliver or David Copperfield making stuff for poundland.

I have never liked the Shakspheare stuff -where they USE not story but words of actual play -set in modern times. The exeption being the Romeo & Juliet -with DiCapprio- shifted from Verona to 1990s Venice Beach . It was probably the best version -and they seemed close to the right ages unlike those crap versions where the 17? year olds where played by thirty something actors.

I could not watch the 1930S England set , Richard 111 - Was it science fiction in some parallel earth? Even that the 1954 version was far to much like a play not a film. If someone gets drowned in a wine vat we should get a point of view shot , as they had enacting the scene in Theatre Of Blood. In general i don't want to see Hamlet in the present day , or the Scotish play but the Jewish one might work in the world of Goldman Sachs and Lehman brothers.

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