Sunday, 24 February 2013

Conman cheats OAPs and Hard up famlies

Tim Yeo - Conservative MP for South Suffolk - leech 's off Pensioners and struggling familys fuel bills - pocketing thousends via fake energy figures.

He is not the MD of a commercial energy company, who in a competative market, aims to get the best price for the shareholders. This is a crook using his position as an MP to rig the market,using the so called green scam , to line his pockets.

Recall Al Gore , of An Inconvenient Truth, lives in a seven million dollar mansion, promoting man made global warming scam. On behalf of Goldman Sachs , who where tradeing in Carbon Swaps.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

TITANIC losses triple AAA health and safety rating

  This blog has lots of really good articles. Re  its one on German Titanic movie . Posted some comments to it. The Titanic does not even make the top twenty of lives lost on a single    see also

Sunday, 17 February 2013

its people , not any specific group of people

I found this on web site - unless otherwise stated stuff here is my own concept. Also read good one liner. " They are now going to dig up a Tesco's car park to try and locate the bones of Richard 111 Horse.

Re above picture our England has more people per square mile than any other state in the EU. France, Germany, Spain and Poland are aprox twice the size of our England. We have more people per Square mile than India and China.
the figure for London will in a decade be that of England

Monday, 11 February 2013

google wikpedia  -Prophecy Of The Popes  . The so- called Mayan end in 2012 gave entrepreneurs time to cash is as did the so called Jupiter effect before. He should have given more advance  note added this link on 13-02-13

Now its the Race to the Papal Crown - ladbrooks are taking bets

Cardinals on your marks - ready -get set -go

they really are cheerleaders for the Cardinals

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

fear @ terror NEW LINK ADDED

READ SOMETHING REALLY SCARY   -NO ESCAPE   this second link challenges they way they have used graphs to create a misleading picture.

its also worth googling up key words   money week endofbritain  digitalspy     See whats happening to peoples bank accounts in Cyprus . As the blooger writes this will come here. Back in 2008 , during the beginning of the financial crises the than Labour Government considered switching off the cash machines then letting people only able to withdraw so much a year.

caution -homophobic thought crime ahead

OK so the Cameron plan to take the Conservative Party down with him, just as  the German war leader intended to do to Germany when he knew he had no chance of winning. Cameron knows he has no chance of re-election.

Was it on TV news that a million men in France demonstrated against gay marriage, I and most people probably have no issue with the civil partnerships.  What however is the true motive of the Stonewall agenda. Not original thought but its a thought, to paraphrase Oscar, that dear not speak it.

When I or any guy i knew was 18, 20, 30 or whatever if we looked at pictures of babes - they where women. Seems a considerable number of gays throughout  their lives are drawn to images of youths. It can be expressed in two words -Billy Elliot. In the film story he is eleven years old. The actor who played him was in a relationship with the films director.

Openly normalise via marriage -then you  get guys strolling around holding hands , kissing and cuddling each other in public parks. Young boys grow up thinking its normal and some are enticed into the Pink lifestyle .The real agenda is to create a constant supply of youth for older man.