Thursday, 30 September 2010


This article on the coming defence cuts by the brilliant historian Correlli Barnet is simply the best thing written on the subject. He asks the qustion why do we need to spend more on defence then any other EU state - such as France and Germany. His answear is spot on -we are still prisoners of a still recalled past as a globel power. What soon to file for bankruptcy protection the USA is , at least for now.

In the late 1960s some suggested that the popularity of James Bond and all the spy TV shows and books, so much more in the UK ,in part appealed to the idea of a Britian still playing a world role -if as a fantasy projection. It seems we still do not have a generation -of politicians as the Eastern block eventually had- who can see that the great game is up.

More to the point perhaps more then any other EU state our England is being demographicaly deconstructed from within. What US are standing armies , navel carriers and trident when London and other od our major cities our being colonised by settlers from all over the planet. We seem to keep this military project running in memory of an Empire which long ceased to exist to defend a nation which in the sense that we know it will cease to be England.

Meantime our soldiers continue to die and be maimed -not French or German one- ok the Poles as some diplomatic reason re USA also sent 10,000 troops but did not aggresivly deploy them unlike the UK 10,000 NOT TO REASON WHY.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

wakefield keystone cops

Chloe Mafia the Trash Factor hooker came from Wakefield. Intelligence is not of course evenly distributed by post code , gps or nation states.

CORRECTION  -THIS IS THE ONLY THING I HAVE POSTED WHICH WAS I THINK WRONG -i wrote it day after story in Milton Keynes paper about new investigation into murder in which innoccent man had spent some six years in prison over. Garbutt was 100 guilty in fact member of the public had posted on Mirror web site at the time that someone else could have picked up the murder weapon afterwards , which is in fact what happened  -a police officer who did not know it had been used to blugeon the victim.


Here is an interesting news item from Wakefield report 28/09. A postmaster Garbutt has spent some five months on remand charged with murdering his wife in an alleged fake robbery. Only the thick as shit police , headed by moronic D1 lewis Raw has just got the DNA results on the murder implament -seems it has someone one else DNA on it , mot Garbutts, who has now been released on bail.

If this is true -will any of the Keystone Cops be sacked -lose their inflated pension -as if.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Final Destination 4D- the undiscovered country

ok Final Destination we enjoyed the third instalment in 3D -will there be a 4D version -as the theme parks call 3D films with added physical sensations?

I am typing this on laptop while on train.

Saint Pauls Cathedral has held the services for many of the nations greats including Newton,Wellington, Nelson & Churchill. But a few days ago the fashion world paraded out for the late gay stylist & fashion designer the aptly named Alexander McQueen. Who next Gazza ?


McQueen had topped himself after being feed up over something or other and was found hanging in the cupboard/closet.

In darker times suicides ended up buried in unconsecrated ground or at the crossroads -with a stake through the heart. Problem is its usually a selfish act which has devestating emotional consequences on others. Moreover by accounts the suicide returns to haunt the spot- apperitions where seen of George Reeves -TVs Superman who failed to stop a speeding bullet, Ian Flemings son Casper and Alan Lake thug husband of Diana Dors. Also the Sussex Pub Dalston , where Jimmy Goodyear and the Millers used to drink at, was haunted by a guy who topped himself.


After some unhappy man and woman meet briefly on social networks and took their lives via filling their car with toxic chemicals -apparently a common method in Japan , the press have been running stories alleging, dubiously, that there are web sites set up specificaly for this purpose.

Are the run by enthusiasts -with logicaly the moderators /webmaster frequently being replaced in the course of events , or by evil people preying on the despair of others. Encourging often temporaily depressed people on for some perveted gratification. This would seem akin to murder.

Suicide Web sites -Three story ideas
1 The Soul Collector - Some individual has made a demonic pact to collect in 100 lost souls - and he does it online.

2 The Dark God Of Gamblers- just as punters bet at William Hill or Betfred on who will score first, there is a Hong Kong gambling syndicate which takes bets on which visitors to web sites they run will take the big exit first.

3 The Messengers Of Allah - Some Muslim group use these sites in order to recruite blue eyed blondes -far less likely to be suspected - for some new 9/11 type operation. Who can be given a meaningfull purpose in destroying themselves and others . Thats the religion of peace - kill yourself and murder innocent people for sexual reward in the afterlife.

Anyway the train has stopped at what is the final destination- Bridgend


Saturday, 25 September 2010

is the truth out there?

Go to the web site and read the article by Christopher Booker -scientists in hiding - its about how academics are pressurised not to question two of the greatest cons of all -Darwins Evolution theory and Man Made Globel Warming .

Read it and judge for yourself -


See the latest Spy in the bag story update

In the report C or M alias MI6 chief Sir John Sawers attends Mr Williams funeral - there is also an interesting readers comment about the location - and how its easy to enter the UK secretly via Southern Ireland and how wi-fi can be used to decoy, which i have heard about years ago.

Maybe - is it all disinformation as some people say . The Mail did recount the case of the Journalist agent murdered in Chile and how it was made out to look a suicide . Moreover the security service put out a false story that it was a sex game gone wrong. The UK coroner ruled that it was murder.

Some one should reasearch through the press cuttings over the last few decades and look at the unsolved murders of people who had worked for MI6 - The Barclays bank guy pushed out of a window in Russia, The Sunday Times journalist shot dead and so on .

As a couple of asides 1 - in 2007 the BBC made an expensive drama -docu on that British Airways passenger jet which in 1992 landed in Kuwait airport - just as the invading Iraq army moved in. It was the only plane to fly to the airport that day -all other airlines cancelled or re-ruted. On board was a team of British survalliance agents - they made it out and preformed vital intelligence. The passengers famously ended up as captives of Sadamm -displayed on TV.

Pressure must have been put on the BBC = it was not withdrawn because to many new about it instead it was shown once on BBC2 at about one o'clock at night and has never been seen since.

2 Whenever their suspicious death - say the guy pushed out of a window in Pet Doherty flat -musician who did drugs with Kate Moss- it was conveniantly listed as an accident.Other times a difficult to solve case is a suicide. In 1982 there was this printer Jimmy Goodyear , who did some binding on some of my pop titles. Others Brian, the Millers ect new him well.

Mainly he did porn mags - which at the time required high resolution printing . Having got divourced and having a new model - a really dumb chick called Mandy - he wanted lots more money. These Irish guys came to him with a money making plan -he printed it lots of. Much then stored in Barclays bank kingsland road .
Only the paddy factor came into play.The delivery driver got so pissed at a pub in the Old Kent road -people called the police when he was going to drive off. In his car boot wrapped in printers overs- uncut paper sheets from Goodyears porn mags -was bundles of £20 notes , also printed at Goodyear Printers.

Jimmy Goodyear turned Queens Evidence. At the time people said that grassing up The Provos was not a good idea. He got a reduced sentence and had his release date . Then he hung himself in prison -or so they said -a story in The Telegraph cast doubt. Just nobody who knew him believed he was the type to top himself and why wait until he was soon to be released. Every one was sure he was murdered by off course as there was little chance of any case being proven suicide became the conveniant verdict.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Trash Factor

Chloe Mafia - is now earning thousands out of deals with newspapers. Maybe she will get her own reality tv show. Keith MacDonald -unemployed on disability benefit - the standard back problem - yet has managed to impregnate 16 differant slags more then double the character in Shamless C4 comady about benefit scamers.

Lets milions on fake disability benefits - either due to stress or back problems . A tv show which promotes the talentless proles - as a potential star . One of them becomes a star- sort of like the Sex Pistols of the late 1970s.

Was this prefigured in Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notra -Dame.

At the secret Paris disrict - known as the Court Of Miracles - the professional beggers gather -the blind can see , the lame can walk. Out of their number the elect one to be a Fools Pope - the X-Factor of 16th Century.

ps if you want to watch a genuinly suspense thriller - check out Fifty Dead Men Walking about informers /infiltrators in the IRA. Based on real events , with real tension as discovery will mean brutal interrogation and execution . check it on

pps A premiarship footballer and another guy have been arrested on rape charge, given ethnicity lets guess . Some girl got herself a footballer only as in numerous previous incidents she did not expect to be "roasted " by two guys as if she where a piece of meat. Thats one guy taking her from behind will she is expected /coercied into sucking the other man . Oh well its just a cultural thing.


Note to Andrew this was in context Judge and divource cases and manipulating the kids against ex-partners.

letter Times- 22-09-10

" Sir , I am afraid that Sir Nicholas Wall may be right , the more intelligent people are, the better they will be at rationalising , manipulative and vengeful behaviour to others and themselves. Intelligent doesn't always mean wise, unfortunatly. " Varlir- Shopshire

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Always entertaining the readers comments - see Daily Mail online - the stories originated in other papers . Many of the Asian , African and Easten European tribes settled here are much nicer then these degenerate violent stupid scum and hood rats .

You just do not seem to find people like this in other western european countries -a breeding sub class . Its sort of like Mr Wells Time Machine -with an effet ruling class The Eloi and the subhuman aggressive Morlocks. see also article: How much ruin in a nation ? UK vs US white working class.

These stories and the Jeremy Kyle show make the best case for some soft covert eugenic breeding control policy.

Ugly runt on the social , with form, meets succesion of fat girls at bus stops who have high score on the Gorgon meter. So far he has impregnated 16 of them . Tyne & Wear - judging by photos of his ladies or slagets looks like its a lot of dogs there .

Turns out X-Factor escort Chloe Mafia /aka Heald has a nasty trashy past -helping to mug people ect. Not exactly Bella De Jour . Wakefield in the North where this somewhat low class chav escort comes from - they had this unusual school set up there.

Mata Hari may have had her menevolent side -mobile top ups and perfume added to fake deal was both cheap and intentionaly nasty. But at least she was an intelligent person with some class-well surrey middle class background , also somewhat artistic- her sister was art graduate.

Monday, 20 September 2010


Chloe One of its crap singing stars , is that not all of them -also does a turn as an escort girl -claiming she makes some 10k a week at 250 an hour maybe -the Mirror said 160, you can see the set up entrampent video-assuming it was not staged with her co-operation on The News Of The World web site.

Also allegadly Mata Hari retired - can't see that as she genuinly liked meeting clients and she was into the money . That to would have been an addiction, She invested in property but she would still want good money coming in. Never could be sure if she run other girls - yet a tracing agent used before she returned the money said in report did we know she was a madam.

Re so called Spy in the bag -they are now saying what was clear from the start. I remember some 15 years ago this twin engineed jet crash landed near a moterway in the Midlands , some passengers died. It was after an engine fire. The next day Brian said -its simple the pilot switched off the wrong engine- if you don't think so ask Geoff what he thinks happened. He said the same. It took over a year to establish thats exactly what happened.

henry the hippo comes out of the closet as harriet the hippo

Hi Guys -well in US the now use it as general term in adressing mixed groups. My new mobile number is 0795709316

One DVD i got fron Spanish dealer, not avaliable elsewhere, was the 1932 pre-code film The Island Of Lost Souls, banned in England until the 1960s, Based on Bromley born HG wells story, he hated the film. In which Dr Moreau surgically transforms animals into humans and then tries to mate them with humans.

Compleatly true: Warren Beatty's son and Cher's megasize daughter are having gender re-assignment. You can verify this on google. Maybe the National Enquirer will run a story asking if the changed pair get together and are now an item.

Not so well known at Howelets Zoo, in Kent, where four keepers where eaten by tigers and every evening staff sit with the Gorrila's in their enclosure is something else. Late at night the Gorrillas can be seen drinking Chateau Rothschild and the Ardvark is eating smoked salmon. What happened is that some ultra rich people realised that they where really a Gorrilla/ Ardvark trapped in the body of a human and had species re-assingment.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

DVD -in a good cause

I often find the charity shops are a good source of DVDs that i might not even know existed, I recently found a copy -English soundtack - Chimes At Midnight , which has only ever been released on disc in Spain, for a pound.

The big charity shops - that is the chains - like Scope, Heart, Oxfam seem to overprice almost everything basing their DVD prices on Amazon. These chains i suspect like the BBC, The Police , Army procurment departments are sort of taken over and run as much to benefit the people who operate them.

The good deals are always in those small stand alone sort of charity shops which are seeking to help suffers of something or other that i have never heard of, or a special service ie Celebrate which runs a mobil sex toy library for the housebound. The local hospice ones also seem to sell DVDs a low prices and for some reason have a better selection of the more intelligent films. Especially good is the one called -fast track departure - which has some arrangment with a Swiss travel company.

Re Homing

In the Guardian - or is it Pravda- 18/9 are two pro -wreak europe with mass immigration stories , one on the Swedish Melo district aN islamic enclave the other on how French President Sarkozy has the termerity to put France first and deport the Roma. The photo used to illustrate the story - family with at least five kids seems to be good visual reason to justify the policy.

I was talking to this young Polish guy earlier this year - who said that his grandmother had been a blackmarketer during the war and ended up owning three house, when the Communists took over they told her she could choose one to keep and the other two would be sold to the state for a nominal sum.

A policy which might be fair is if all the rich liberals , who had second or third homes where required to surrender them to house the migrants they are so in favour of i.e The papers Polly Tonbey who has three homes.

The TV version of the Guardian -the BBC is trying to relocate a lot of staff to the North and spending lots of the Tax on TV viewing to fund it. A much better idea would be for most of the BBC to be relocated in India, the could ship the cast of Eastender out there - but all the massive behind the scenes stuff could be done for a lot less in India.

Friday, 17 September 2010

updates and amendments


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Bishop Of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England

Orpingtons most famous resident who shared common ancestory with apes.
The Bishop Of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England- 37th Article of the Church of England.

Why are the mainly atheistst liberals in the Media -Prees & TV so anti-The Papel visit. Whats it to them -would it matter if some deluded people believed in the message of the Pope or the existance of Santa Claus? Do they care that Islamic enclaves are being constructed by stealth in English towns. Yes the Catholic Church has done some good things yet at best it has conived at covering up evil things. Maybe, has it done good or evil at all? Does good and evil even exist?


C.S .Lewis asked the question -when atheists complain about suffering in the world or say that this or that is good or evil , where do they get this concept from. How is it possiable to even think their is such a thing without aknowledging the existance of God?

What the militant atheist believes is that the Universe came out of nothing -zilch. That all land animals came from fish -evolving into everything from Antelopes to Elephants, Alligators to people . Yet somehow people came to believe in the existance of good and evil. How ?is what is good and evil now decided by a vote on X-Factor.?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

99p store Versus Woolworths - China vs USA


Germany exports slightly more -total value of goods then the US.
A few years back on paper Woolworths had a bigger economy than the 99p shops.
Because it had more outlets and sold more expensive items ie Playstation, DVDs & CDs . But the big differance was Woolworth was in debt and it could not even sell enough to just pay the interest and make a profit, while the 99p stores all traded at a profit.

Back in 2008 after the banking crisis i suggested checking the CIA web site whose famous world book provides economic rankings for nations , in ratio to exports .imports , private and public debt.

At the top was China and Germany-whose products are in demand in Asia. Right at the bottom after every third world country you could think of, was the US and a few EU states ie Greece , Spain which have had more recent problems. The smart money knows the US is bust and is already making its contingancy plans. Also reason China is stockpilling gold. When they had all those homeowner loan ads on daytime TV it was a portant that something was wrong with the UK economy -all those buy gold ads are an omen that something is very wrong with the US economy.

Monday, 13 September 2010


Read the story in the Guardian by Daniel Hannan Conservative Euro MEP on the Andrew Symeou case. As it stands an Englishman can now be arrested be the UK police-armed gang of volenteer thugs THINK Gestapo or NKVD - and sent to say Romania or Greece . Without any evidence being presented before a UK court.

The scum traitor who drafted this law ,the European Arrest Warrent was Lib -Dem MEP Graham Watson you can also find the rat on Facebook. He is also a promoter of the man made globel warming scam.


In a just world he would be abducted by the Four Just Men and shipped off to Iran or North Korea.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Crossing over to the other side

Neil -updated dvd list

I was hunting for dvds in one of those charity shops -which funds research into finding a cure for terminal demise or at least raising public awerness that death is 100% fatal. When i came across an old copy of the AA Guide To Identifying Animals you find squashed in the road. Nowdays its usually a fox - its the main cause of their mortality. Why is it that you never see rats given their are so many about late at night i have often seen them scuttling around bin liner bags -their seem to be more and more of these rodents around yet they never seem to get run over, do their colonies stay in one place but they breed like muslims. So many rats that -we may not each have a guardian angel -i am sure we each have or own personal rat or two or three.
Back in the 1970S it was always hedgehogs that you seemed to find squashed in the road, ok the occasional weassel or stoat. It was as widespread then as the then tredition off pissing in phone boxs. You even used to get visual gags on tv about giant hedgehogs running across motorways squashing cars. At the time their was some suspect claim that some hedgehogs would run across the road-that is go on running -while others at the sound of danger would curl up into a defensive ball. By an alleged process of naturel selection the ball ones -spending more time in the road became eliminated -but you just do not see any around today -maybe it just took longer for the runners to end up being squashed.

Nowdays recently most of the urban or inner city foxes have stated to look mangy - only a few years back they seemed in good condition. Note recent reports on fox attacks on people and cats -is this just press stuff -or are attacks increasing ?
In lincolnshire and around Melton Mowbray , where until recently the hunt used to parade around, you still never see foxes. London foxes have no fear of people. My mother has always maintained they can attack cats but mine used to chase them off .

Some years back their was this guy biologist Rupert Shaldrake who used to feature in the press and on TV he claimed their was a kind of morphic field - wherby animals collectivly communicated with each other. So if lots of rats at differant locations where given a maze to run -this knowladge- of how to solve the maze paths would be communicated to rat kind. Maybe it explains the fox and hedgehog thing. Perhaps even the so called Flynn effect see wikpedia, which claims that people are getting smarter because they are doing better at IQ tests. ok this may all be stupid -but i have not seen this put forward anywhere.

Friday, 10 September 2010

mata hari

At least Roony got what he paid for - Juicy Jeny -check her out on google images she looks it. Anyway it was small change for him. She took me a poor person for somewhat more -only she did not get to keep it. It was the malevolent perfume request on top of the money she set out to decieve. By that she deserved to loose it all.
She knew the effect she had on men - a good looking guy from Bromley , successfull with a big house contacted the web site i had about her ,asking of her whereabouts -which i did at that time not know -only traced everything just before she returned the ill gotten gains. It was eight years before that he knew her for less then a year. Then there was the former Pro -boxer who had vast numbers of women -including Kylie - he had only been with Mata Hari for a short while but she was the only women he had ever loved.

RE the Guy in the bag in the M16 flat - they still have no idea of cause of death. Other then he could not have shut himself in the bag.In the style of those Celeb mags -a dozen or so titles a week ie Closer /Now with their made up in the office stories about Coleen, Cheryl, Kerry ect - with "sources" being -pals of or an insider or friend of - the Sunday Times and Sunday Mail ran a story based on police sources. Only as the two stories contained incompatiable information with each other -one or both of them was made up .

we will always have paris?

Maybe -this famous line from Casablanca was used as the title of a Star Trek the Next Generation episode . What would Paris really be like in the future - a liberal sci-fi show declins to show us a future in which China is the dominant nation and the west is demographically overwhelmed by invaders, just as the Roman Empire was.

GO TO WWW.YOUTUBE.COM and put in - Islamification of Paris CBN - a report from US Christian news network on the takeover of Paris . Sort of linked theme - The Mafia like state Russia runs its economy entirly on its extraction industries -oil and gas it is also aggressively persuing these in other lands. Iran ,soon really will have a genuine weapon of mass destruction -an atomic bomb. It does not need a sophisticated delivery system to threaten the West as through the straits of Homuz -think thats what its called- flows half the worlds oil - for the EU, US and China. Long before the collapse of the Soviet there where those in America who claimed, based on Biblical prophacy about Isreal, that one day Russia would do a deal with Persia and the other states then do a double cross and take them over.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

ministery of truth

BBC DG -Mark Thompson admits leftish bias of the BBC- Shock Horror . Note he collects in 788,000 a year. If you want to buy a magazine or newspaper You are not forced to pay for a left wing newspaper why should you be forced to pay for the BBC just to watch Television.

tell us something we do not know.

" He who controls the past controls the future." 1984

In History programmes ie The Normans - England - To them an obscene word is called Britian -which did nor exist until the 17th Centuary. Remember also that some Normans where black Africans as we know from their recent Robin Hood series.

Man Made Climate change and Evolution are indisputable facts according to the BBC and no alternate views are allowed.

type into google videos - globel warming or global governance - you can download this 88 m video also for evolution see note actual Dinosaur DNA is being found but as it could not survive even a million years the BBC decide not to report it.