Monday, 20 September 2010

henry the hippo comes out of the closet as harriet the hippo

Hi Guys -well in US the now use it as general term in adressing mixed groups. My new mobile number is 0795709316

One DVD i got fron Spanish dealer, not avaliable elsewhere, was the 1932 pre-code film The Island Of Lost Souls, banned in England until the 1960s, Based on Bromley born HG wells story, he hated the film. In which Dr Moreau surgically transforms animals into humans and then tries to mate them with humans.

Compleatly true: Warren Beatty's son and Cher's megasize daughter are having gender re-assignment. You can verify this on google. Maybe the National Enquirer will run a story asking if the changed pair get together and are now an item.

Not so well known at Howelets Zoo, in Kent, where four keepers where eaten by tigers and every evening staff sit with the Gorrila's in their enclosure is something else. Late at night the Gorrillas can be seen drinking Chateau Rothschild and the Ardvark is eating smoked salmon. What happened is that some ultra rich people realised that they where really a Gorrilla/ Ardvark trapped in the body of a human and had species re-assingment.

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