Saturday, 18 September 2010

Re Homing

In the Guardian - or is it Pravda- 18/9 are two pro -wreak europe with mass immigration stories , one on the Swedish Melo district aN islamic enclave the other on how French President Sarkozy has the termerity to put France first and deport the Roma. The photo used to illustrate the story - family with at least five kids seems to be good visual reason to justify the policy.

I was talking to this young Polish guy earlier this year - who said that his grandmother had been a blackmarketer during the war and ended up owning three house, when the Communists took over they told her she could choose one to keep and the other two would be sold to the state for a nominal sum.

A policy which might be fair is if all the rich liberals , who had second or third homes where required to surrender them to house the migrants they are so in favour of i.e The papers Polly Tonbey who has three homes.

The TV version of the Guardian -the BBC is trying to relocate a lot of staff to the North and spending lots of the Tax on TV viewing to fund it. A much better idea would be for most of the BBC to be relocated in India, the could ship the cast of Eastender out there - but all the massive behind the scenes stuff could be done for a lot less in India.

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