Thursday, 2 September 2010

ministery of truth

BBC DG -Mark Thompson admits leftish bias of the BBC- Shock Horror . Note he collects in 788,000 a year. If you want to buy a magazine or newspaper You are not forced to pay for a left wing newspaper why should you be forced to pay for the BBC just to watch Television.

tell us something we do not know.

" He who controls the past controls the future." 1984

In History programmes ie The Normans - England - To them an obscene word is called Britian -which did nor exist until the 17th Centuary. Remember also that some Normans where black Africans as we know from their recent Robin Hood series.

Man Made Climate change and Evolution are indisputable facts according to the BBC and no alternate views are allowed.

type into google videos - globel warming or global governance - you can download this 88 m video also for evolution see note actual Dinosaur DNA is being found but as it could not survive even a million years the BBC decide not to report it.

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