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See the latest Spy in the bag story update

In the report C or M alias MI6 chief Sir John Sawers attends Mr Williams funeral - there is also an interesting readers comment about the location - and how its easy to enter the UK secretly via Southern Ireland and how wi-fi can be used to decoy, which i have heard about years ago.

Maybe - is it all disinformation as some people say . The Mail did recount the case of the Journalist agent murdered in Chile and how it was made out to look a suicide . Moreover the security service put out a false story that it was a sex game gone wrong. The UK coroner ruled that it was murder.

Some one should reasearch through the press cuttings over the last few decades and look at the unsolved murders of people who had worked for MI6 - The Barclays bank guy pushed out of a window in Russia, The Sunday Times journalist shot dead and so on .

As a couple of asides 1 - in 2007 the BBC made an expensive drama -docu on that British Airways passenger jet which in 1992 landed in Kuwait airport - just as the invading Iraq army moved in. It was the only plane to fly to the airport that day -all other airlines cancelled or re-ruted. On board was a team of British survalliance agents - they made it out and preformed vital intelligence. The passengers famously ended up as captives of Sadamm -displayed on TV.

Pressure must have been put on the BBC = it was not withdrawn because to many new about it instead it was shown once on BBC2 at about one o'clock at night and has never been seen since.

2 Whenever their suspicious death - say the guy pushed out of a window in Pet Doherty flat -musician who did drugs with Kate Moss- it was conveniantly listed as an accident.Other times a difficult to solve case is a suicide. In 1982 there was this printer Jimmy Goodyear , who did some binding on some of my pop titles. Others Brian, the Millers ect new him well.

Mainly he did porn mags - which at the time required high resolution printing . Having got divourced and having a new model - a really dumb chick called Mandy - he wanted lots more money. These Irish guys came to him with a money making plan -he printed it lots of. Much then stored in Barclays bank kingsland road .
Only the paddy factor came into play.The delivery driver got so pissed at a pub in the Old Kent road -people called the police when he was going to drive off. In his car boot wrapped in printers overs- uncut paper sheets from Goodyears porn mags -was bundles of £20 notes , also printed at Goodyear Printers.

Jimmy Goodyear turned Queens Evidence. At the time people said that grassing up The Provos was not a good idea. He got a reduced sentence and had his release date . Then he hung himself in prison -or so they said -a story in The Telegraph cast doubt. Just nobody who knew him believed he was the type to top himself and why wait until he was soon to be released. Every one was sure he was murdered by off course as there was little chance of any case being proven suicide became the conveniant verdict.

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