Friday, 10 September 2010

mata hari

At least Roony got what he paid for - Juicy Jeny -check her out on google images she looks it. Anyway it was small change for him. She took me a poor person for somewhat more -only she did not get to keep it. It was the malevolent perfume request on top of the money she set out to decieve. By that she deserved to loose it all.
She knew the effect she had on men - a good looking guy from Bromley , successfull with a big house contacted the web site i had about her ,asking of her whereabouts -which i did at that time not know -only traced everything just before she returned the ill gotten gains. It was eight years before that he knew her for less then a year. Then there was the former Pro -boxer who had vast numbers of women -including Kylie - he had only been with Mata Hari for a short while but she was the only women he had ever loved.

RE the Guy in the bag in the M16 flat - they still have no idea of cause of death. Other then he could not have shut himself in the bag.In the style of those Celeb mags -a dozen or so titles a week ie Closer /Now with their made up in the office stories about Coleen, Cheryl, Kerry ect - with "sources" being -pals of or an insider or friend of - the Sunday Times and Sunday Mail ran a story based on police sources. Only as the two stories contained incompatiable information with each other -one or both of them was made up .

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