Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Always entertaining the readers comments - see Daily Mail online - the stories originated in other papers . Many of the Asian , African and Easten European tribes settled here are much nicer then these degenerate violent stupid scum and hood rats .

You just do not seem to find people like this in other western european countries -a breeding sub class . Its sort of like Mr Wells Time Machine -with an effet ruling class The Eloi and the subhuman aggressive Morlocks. see also article: How much ruin in a nation ? UK vs US white working class. www.vdare.com/Sailer/050410_ruin.htm

These stories and the Jeremy Kyle show make the best case for some soft covert eugenic breeding control policy.

Ugly runt on the social , with form, meets succesion of fat girls at bus stops who have high score on the Gorgon meter. So far he has impregnated 16 of them .
www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1313807/ Tyne & Wear - judging by photos of his ladies or slagets looks like its a lot of dogs there .

Turns out X-Factor escort Chloe Mafia /aka Heald has a nasty trashy past -helping to mug people ect. Not exactly Bella De Jour . Wakefield in the North where this somewhat low class chav escort comes from - they had this unusual school set up there.

Mata Hari may have had her menevolent side -mobile top ups and perfume added to fake deal was both cheap and intentionaly nasty. But at least she was an intelligent person with some class-well surrey middle class background , also somewhat artistic- her sister was art graduate.

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