Monday, 27 September 2010

Final Destination 4D- the undiscovered country

ok Final Destination we enjoyed the third instalment in 3D -will there be a 4D version -as the theme parks call 3D films with added physical sensations?

I am typing this on laptop while on train.

Saint Pauls Cathedral has held the services for many of the nations greats including Newton,Wellington, Nelson & Churchill. But a few days ago the fashion world paraded out for the late gay stylist & fashion designer the aptly named Alexander McQueen. Who next Gazza ?


McQueen had topped himself after being feed up over something or other and was found hanging in the cupboard/closet.

In darker times suicides ended up buried in unconsecrated ground or at the crossroads -with a stake through the heart. Problem is its usually a selfish act which has devestating emotional consequences on others. Moreover by accounts the suicide returns to haunt the spot- apperitions where seen of George Reeves -TVs Superman who failed to stop a speeding bullet, Ian Flemings son Casper and Alan Lake thug husband of Diana Dors. Also the Sussex Pub Dalston , where Jimmy Goodyear and the Millers used to drink at, was haunted by a guy who topped himself.


After some unhappy man and woman meet briefly on social networks and took their lives via filling their car with toxic chemicals -apparently a common method in Japan , the press have been running stories alleging, dubiously, that there are web sites set up specificaly for this purpose.

Are the run by enthusiasts -with logicaly the moderators /webmaster frequently being replaced in the course of events , or by evil people preying on the despair of others. Encourging often temporaily depressed people on for some perveted gratification. This would seem akin to murder.

Suicide Web sites -Three story ideas
1 The Soul Collector - Some individual has made a demonic pact to collect in 100 lost souls - and he does it online.

2 The Dark God Of Gamblers- just as punters bet at William Hill or Betfred on who will score first, there is a Hong Kong gambling syndicate which takes bets on which visitors to web sites they run will take the big exit first.

3 The Messengers Of Allah - Some Muslim group use these sites in order to recruite blue eyed blondes -far less likely to be suspected - for some new 9/11 type operation. Who can be given a meaningfull purpose in destroying themselves and others . Thats the religion of peace - kill yourself and murder innocent people for sexual reward in the afterlife.

Anyway the train has stopped at what is the final destination- Bridgend


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