Thursday, 30 September 2010


This article on the coming defence cuts by the brilliant historian Correlli Barnet is simply the best thing written on the subject. He asks the qustion why do we need to spend more on defence then any other EU state - such as France and Germany. His answear is spot on -we are still prisoners of a still recalled past as a globel power. What soon to file for bankruptcy protection the USA is , at least for now.

In the late 1960s some suggested that the popularity of James Bond and all the spy TV shows and books, so much more in the UK ,in part appealed to the idea of a Britian still playing a world role -if as a fantasy projection. It seems we still do not have a generation -of politicians as the Eastern block eventually had- who can see that the great game is up.

More to the point perhaps more then any other EU state our England is being demographicaly deconstructed from within. What US are standing armies , navel carriers and trident when London and other od our major cities our being colonised by settlers from all over the planet. We seem to keep this military project running in memory of an Empire which long ceased to exist to defend a nation which in the sense that we know it will cease to be England.

Meantime our soldiers continue to die and be maimed -not French or German one- ok the Poles as some diplomatic reason re USA also sent 10,000 troops but did not aggresivly deploy them unlike the UK 10,000 NOT TO REASON WHY.

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The UK is actualy providing a third of Europe NATO contribution as aircraft carriers and 57 per cent of its nuclear subs.